The scoop on the Sony QX lens-style camera

by Kathleen 10/25/2013

Curious about the benefits of rocking a Sony QX lens-style camera that attaches to your smartphone? Sony Club member and photographer Vivienne Gucwa can fill you in, hit the play button!

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  1. Pablo wrote: October 28, 2013 3:18am

    I’m really excited to try out one.
    It’d not be the a77, a99 or the a7r, but it’s a great option to take pictures on the go.
    Excellent work guys.
    A proud Sony user.

  2. Fouad wrote: November 1, 2013 7:02am

    It’s a good concept, but it would be great if the camera qx camera could digitally save the pictures taken with it in RAW rather than jpeg or jpg. It has a memory card slot so I don’t see why not.

    Good concept, but has room for improvement.

  3. nhoj toms wrote: November 14, 2013 7:35pm

    it can be work without wifi connection?
    and it can be work also in samsung galaxy note 3?

    how the lens work to sony z1? z1 need also a wifi connection or nfc only?


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