PS4 Makes Its Debut in Select Sony Stores!

by Reena 10/16/2013

If you’ve been dying to play the PlayStation® 4 system, we’ve got news for you! Starting today, October 16thSony Stores will being rolling out demo units of the coveted PS4 system, hooked up to our Sony® TVs and ready for you to get your game on!

Visit your local Sony Stores and Outlets to be one of the first people to see the highly-anticipated gaming system in action, hooked up to our Sony® TVs (including the 84″ XBR 4K Ultra HD TV in a couple stores!) and ready for you to get your game on!

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  1. rich nescio wrote: November 15, 2013 7:16am

    when is the next release date for PS4 after the original 11/15/2013 date.

  2. Geraldine wrote: November 15, 2013 6:55pm

    iam not sure if this were i shall be to enter the contest but i would like to win a ps4 because my grandson will like one and he only can get one gift he will be so happy and i have to pickup games to.

  3. Sharon wrote: November 16, 2013 5:02pm

    Where can I buy a ps4 for my son for Christmas I can’t pre order it now

    1. Ann Julain McKendree wrote: November 21, 2013 4:23am

      When will we be able to see the ps4 available for orders on the Sony web site or in the stores that are going to sell the ps4. Why will the Sony web site not let us order it even though it will be on back order?

    2. mona mello wrote: November 21, 2013 6:49am

      Please contact me when PS4 is available again for purchase. Thank You, Mona

  4. Antonio wrote: November 17, 2013 8:18pm

    I just wanted to let you know that i feel a little let down by sony being that i wasn’t able to pre-order the PS4 and any store had enough in stock i know it’s almost holiday season but i hope they get more systems on the shelf soon

  5. laveta wrote: November 18, 2013 10:05am

    Will you be able to order the ps4 from sony before xmas. If not, what stores will be selling them

  6. chris whatever wrote: December 1, 2013 9:32am

    c’mon Sony. Release more of these units before Christmas. Why all the secrecy and hush hush?

  7. Pam wrote: December 4, 2013 8:54am

    When will the playstation4 be released again for purchase? I have been checking stores daily. Please email me of the next release date. Thank you.


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