Meet The Sony Club and Learn How You Can Join

by Callan 09/03/2013, in Categories For Records

Like smart, witty, funny and interesting writers? Us too. Which is why we want to introduce you to our brand new Sony Club bloggers.

“What the heck is the Sony club?” you ask. It’s a program we kicked off this month to celebrate our favorite bloggers who also happen to be Sony fans. The 11 writers we chose span a variety of subjects – sports, photography, travel and families – and all share one thing in common, awesome content.

We brought these people together, powered them with the latest and greatest technology, and had them use this new gear to share their awesome blog posts,  photos, and videos with the world (and with you!). They’ll be using their new gadgets non-stop throughout the next 9 months and are already quickly becoming experts on cool apps to download, lenses to buy, and more.

You can also count on them for unbiased product reviews of everything they’ve gotten, so if you’d like to hear about the αNEX line from the viewpoint of a photographer, or a traveler, or a mom – these are the people to go to.

And last but not least, some of these bloggers may even host giveaways for you to get your hands on  Sony products. So all in all, they are going to be good peeps for you to follow.

To give you an idea of the creativity of this bunch, take a look at the amazing photos they shared at our Welcome Event this month. From a tour of the Del Mar Races to a sunset beach photo shoot and a sailing excursion on the San Diego Bay, the group had plenty of time to get to know their new cameras and put them to the test.


      Photo by Kristen Jacobson, taken with the NEX 5-R

train photobomb

  Photo taken by Crystal Raegen with her NEX 5R


Photo taken by Carol Cain


Photo taken by Susan McLean


Photo taken by Vivienne Gucwa


Photo by Diana Elizabeth



But this is just the beginning. In addition to getting the αNEX-5R, this crew also received Action Cams, the VAIO® Pro Ultrabook, Sony Google TV™ players, BTX300 speakers, The Xperia™ Tablet Z, W Series Walkman® MP3 Players , and PJ380 Handycam® camcorders. Plus, they’ll be some of the first to use new products as they roll out. By the end of the 9 months, they will have more hands-on time with Sony products than they’ll know what to do with and hopefully will be experts for you all to learn from.

Now that we’ve told you about how cool these writers, photographers and vloggers are , all that’s left is to make the introduction. So here they are – meet the Sony Club.

PS if you happen to be an awesome blogger who loves Sony products and are interested in being a future Sony Club member, go here to apply:

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