Inside the New VAIO Duo

by Katie 06/14/2013

This month, Sony  announced its new VAIO Duo 13. Part tablet, part Ultrabook, this next generation device comes with a 13″ panel, a larger keyboard, and a bunch of good stuff on the inside including: Intel® Core™ processors, USB charging port housed within the AC adapter, NFC (Near Field Communication technology) and more.

We wanted to show you how cool the new product looks inside and out, so we got a hold of the clear unit below to give you a full look at the new VAIO Duo guts – enjoy!

**Model not available for purchase – sorry, friends.



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  1. sonyphone wrote: June 16, 2013 11:44pm

    Other Lumia WP8 use the same system, will have a much stronger than the existing Lumia’s processor and memory, the other new stuff includes 16 sub-lens imaging array consisting Coincidentally.

  2. Alias Jack wrote: June 17, 2013 10:33pm

    I wonder why SONY doesn’t put the latest HD5000 GPU into VAIO PRO?
    Anyone here can explain it?


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