NEW: Sony Action Cam Software Updates

by Katie 04/29/2013

If you’ve already got your hands on Sony’s POV Action Cam, you’re in luck. You can now update your gear with the latest software allowing you to achieve 1080/60p recording and more. Those of you who have yet to use the Sony point-of-view camera, we’ve got a few new reasons for you to check give it a try:


  • PS Recording Mode (1920×1080/60p)*: Allows you to shoot smoother video in fast moving scenes using this new, higher frame rate of 60p. Also play back 60p movies on your compatible PC and TV.
  • Water Scene Selection:  Capture underwater video even clearer than before with this new “water mode” enabling white balance adjustment for underwater shooting.
  • Beep Off Setting: For those of you who prefer to film and control your POV footage in a quiet zone, you’re now able to adjust sound levels for the on/record trigger and settings button.
  • Play Memories Mobile Seamless Mode Change**: Will let you upload your video content even quicker than before when using the Smart Remote function. Just connect your Action Cam and smartphone or tablet using the built-in Wi-Fi to utilize the Smart Remote and when you’re done filming, upload the footage directly to your social channels via Play Memories without having to disconnect. Coming your way in June!

Not only will you be able to utilize all of these new features but we’ve also got a fresh batch of mounting solutions for you. You can find more details about these Action Cam updates at Sony Store or tune into the conversation online via #ActionCam.

*May not be compatible with some smartphones and Tablets due to spec/performance

**Mobile seamless mode change ONLY available for HDR-AS15

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  1. Mike Deets wrote: May 8, 2013 8:03pm

    I would like to use my action cam on my motorcycle helmet without the waterproof housing so I can use the cradle with LCD. However, I still want lens protection from rocks, bugs, etc. Need you to come up with lens protection for those of us who don’t always use the waterproof case. Thanx.

    1. Gary R wrote: June 29, 2013 3:33pm

      The skeleton housing with a lens protector would be awesome.

  2. Dick Gerritsen wrote: May 18, 2013 1:46pm

    Uploading 1080/60p movies are not posible to my iPhone. Hopefully a new app for iPod/iPhone will soon be availeble.

    1. matt wrote: December 27, 2013 11:57pm

      It works if you upgrade to OS7.

  3. Jhonatan Hue wrote: June 7, 2013 9:18am

    Only reason I haven’t bought one yet is lack of decent helmet mounts. Also auto rotation would be nice so I can place the camera flat on top.

  4. patricia wrote: July 28, 2013 8:31am

    Excellent Camera, I have goPro HD original (first version), and I read the bad reviews for hero3 so I decided to try the Sony AS15. Its amazing, great stabilization, great definitions and color, I compare videos on youtuve and with my camera, and Sony beats goPro without problem. Battery duration great, I miss other kind of mounts, but I sure in a few months will be available. Best Camera ever.
    -missed items :
    1.- Hood to protect lens (with o without waterproof case)
    2.- Waterproof case or skeleton housing with direct lateral adhesive support like gopro, so I dont need the elastic band.
    3.- Support for Poles.
    4.- Turn off and on camera with phone.

  5. Sony Support USA wrote: July 30, 2013 7:50am

    That’s wonderful to hear Patricia! Happy that your enjoying your purchase & you took the time to share your positive feedback with us. :)

  6. Evan wrote: August 3, 2013 1:28am

    I am a professional scuba instructor and underwater cave guide. This camera seems ideal for my purposes, both filming students and the underwater ecnvironment. I could not care less about the lack of mounting options because I will always use the Sony or a Hugyfot housing with the unit.

    On the other hand, I believe this camera has the potential to take much, much better video with some simple firmware updates. I would like to see the option to manually set shutter/gain control before the dive. I would also like to set manually the aperture, and focus the lens permanantly at infinity. Lastly, I would like to see support for the new industry standard: Miracast!

    Miracast is vital, as it would allow us to stream video directly to any Sony monitor, television, projector, etc … without installing any software.

  7. Michael wrote: August 20, 2013 6:06pm

    Love this cam… so many great features an the pics n vids are better then anything gopro could offer…. after 2 months of review reading I had to get it…. only thing I wish it had is the faster shutter speed like gopro has so you can take action pics every 1/2 second… as a avid sky diver I beat out my friends with pics an vids constantly but when it comes to the those muli shots per second on crazy swoop lands, I lose out on a lot … this is the only thing gopro has over my Sony an would love this feature in a update…..

  8. Stephen wrote: August 21, 2013 6:10am

    I bought this camera 2 months ago but the Playmemories as is not available in my countrys Apps Store. Can you make Playmemories availabel to all countries… dissapointed

  9. Keith wrote: August 24, 2013 10:34pm

    It would be good to use my existing Sony video camera remote control with this camera especially for playback on a TV.

  10. Jack Schofield wrote: November 15, 2013 11:20pm

    I love my Action Cam. I passed up 40% off GoPro items that my skateboard wheel sponsor offered me to avoid hopping on the GoPro Fan Wagon. I made a great choice. I’ve always loved Sony since the tape cassette era when my first music device was a waterproof tape player. I’m glad ear buds have evolved, lol.

    I built my own pole setup out of a composite golf club shaft I bought from a thrift store for $0.50, Targus mini tripod (metal ball-in-socket system), an L shaped bracket from the hardware store, a nut that fit the swivel head threads, slipped an inch of vinyl tubing that fit VERY tightly over the clubs shaft and used a hose clamp to firmly attach it with no issues. I had to superglue the adjuster knob on the ball joint to eliminate rattling.
    TIP: I used a lighter to heat up the clubs head where it connects to the shaft in order to melt the glue and twist off the driver head.

    I would like to see:
    - Dash board pad mount (I plan to build one soon)
    - More Time Lapse options and maybe supply a time lapse video compiler with Play Memories. I wrote my own linux bash script to compile photos. I also had to include in the script to rename all photos in the current directory to a uniform sequential order so ffmpeg would compile them. (if I took out pic 00402, it would stop compiling at 00401 and not continue to the rest of the pictures via default programing in ffmpeg. I’ll be including my script at the end of this post.
    -The white balance in snow and white rooms tends to appear a little blue. It’d be nice to have a filter option like “Warm”, “Cool”, and “Normal”.
    -An LED light harness mount with rechargeable battery and optional light diffusers.
    -A microphone with wind noise dampener harness mount that is compatible with the LED light fixture.
    -A timer that will automatically start filming at a curtain time (utilizing the built in clock) or when the timer reaches zero. It’d have to disable the auto off.

    WARNING: If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t bother with this. It is for experienced LINUX users only and requires ffmpeg and general BASH scripting knowledge. I’m not responsible if you wipe out your wedding photos or whatever.

    NOTE: RATE is how fast your time lapse video will be. 2.5 hours of 5sec interval setting made a 105 second film. Rate is just the frames per second.

    You will have to be sure to rename your photos using the script so they will be renamed in order. To do this, place all the photos you want to use into a new directory or use the current one you are working out of and run the command “imagestovideo -r”. It will set up the photos for the next process, which is converting JPG to mp4. If you would rather create a different format, check out the man pages for ffmpeg and see what will work for you. I didn’t think I’d ever share this script… so here ya go world. Time Lapse Linux Style.

    I’d also like to note that Linux isn’t great for video editing. It’s actually pretty difficult. It can be done but it’s more of a hassle and you better have the right hardware because there’s a good chance you wont be able to comfortably watch 720p in fullscreen. Even with direct rendering and all the drivers required etc etc. Just throwing that out there. Enjoy!!!

  11. mark wrote: November 27, 2013 11:03am

    when will it be posible to get sony play memories on computer im interested in using my action cam for web cam.. and it bothers me why its only limited to a smart phone app.. WERE IS THE PROGRAME?? is there any reason why this wouldnt work?

  12. Charles wrote: December 28, 2013 5:35pm

    Is there a way to display the date and time on the video itself. Documentation indicates nothing except that the camera has a date and time function. Could it only be for sorting the files by date and time?

  13. Jack wrote: January 5, 2014 10:18am

    I’ve had my Action Cam for about 6 months now. I love it.

    I gutted a mini tripod with a metal ball-in-socket style adjustment and attached it to a composite golf club shaft. BEST pole cam ever.

    I’ve built a 3-axis stabilizer gimble out of pvc and bolts with a 5lb weight on the end up a 2 foot threaded rod.

    I’ve also built my own car mount from a GPS suction mount.

    My next project is a skeleton case with an accessory mounting rail for a light and mic.

    I think the biggest complaint I seen about the action cam is the mounting options when dealing with helmets, etc. The camera package should come with an adjustable mount.

    A plastic yellow pistol grip mount that is filled with foam would be swell too. So it floats, easy to see, and allows the camera to be held easier.

    A feature that would help this is a video orientation setting. 90*, 180*, etc.

    Maybe enable USB streaming so I can use my camera as a webcam for vlogging and cam-chatting. That’d require the skeleton mount and a small tripod, but it’d be better than most webcams. Maybe even have a “webcam” mode.

  14. stefan wrote: March 5, 2014 9:39am

    PS Recording Mode is having hick ups…what I is not smooth when I play it on my comp or android…actually..the real problem is that it records every 2 its buffering

  15. Tomasz wrote: March 29, 2014 9:07am

    For people that want to use it with uav:
    way to pull live video out while recording similar to plugging it to case with lcd screen. I would like to see skeleton case, very light, with av out and maybe mike out, with lens cover. If we would have that we could use it as FPV and that would bring a lot of rc people in. Case like that should have mounting option on top and bottom. Another good future would be ability to rotate video in camera, if camera is mounted upside down.
    I had to turn off vibration reduction because it made video really shaky while flying DJI pantom. it might me because frequency of vibration coming from propellers.

  16. Jordan wrote: May 4, 2014 12:38pm

    Filmed with Sony HDR-AS100V Action Cam


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