The Countdown to Sony at CES 2013

by Communications 01/03/2013

Watch the Sony 2013 CES Press Conference Now:

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For gadget geeks and tech fans, the biggest event of the year starts in less than a week. That’s right guys, it’s about to go down at The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – the largest electronics trade show in the world. We’ll be pulling back the curtain on our newest technologies, and we want you to be a part of it even if you’re not attending the show.

The best way you can get the scoop straight from us during CES is to mosey on over to There, you’ll find all of our new product announcements, videos, links, pictures, the whole sha-bang.

Here are a few other things we’d like to bring to your attention:

The Sony CES Press Conference - On Monday, Jan. 7, go to to tune into the live stream starting at 5 p.m. PT. We also want you to be part of the conversation so we’re hosting a live Q & A just after the press announcements. SGNL by Sony host, Anthony Carboni will be talking with Sony Corporation President and CEO, Kaz Hirai, and Sony Electronics President and COO, Phil Molyneux, who will answer your most pressing questions about our newly-announced technologies. If you’d like to participate, you can ask your questions via Twitter™  using the #SonyCES hashtag.

Videos from Sony’s CES Booth – This year, you can tell us what gadgets you want to learn more about. Each day we’ll post a poll asking you what we should cover and based on the most popular topic, we’ll create a video for you. You can find a new poll every day on our Facebook page.

Hope you guys are as stoked as we are! If you’ve got any questions, drop ‘em in the comments section below.

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  1. Tatsuya Kurosaka wrote: January 3, 2013 8:06pm

    I am an industry analyst on Telecom and columnist from Japan.

    I just checked your press event of the CES on Monday, Jan. 8th, but invitation required.

    How can I do something to register to join them? Please let me know.

    In addition, the followings are my credentials. I hope it will help you.

    CNET Japan Blog:

    Diamond Online:

    Nikkei Communications(paper media)

  2. Tatsuya Kurosaka wrote: January 3, 2013 8:08pm

    OMG… I just left my message to the public :-) I hope Sony people see it and delete…

  3. N/A wrote: January 4, 2013 11:06am

    Will you offer some tidbit about PlayStation 4 at CES 2013?

  4. Kathleen wrote: January 4, 2013 11:33am

    Hi Kurosaka-san! I’ve emailed you an invitation. See you in Las Vegas!

  5. Alessio wrote: January 5, 2013 5:30pm


  6. max jr wrote: January 6, 2013 8:57pm

    What i like to see is a new xperia play

  7. Kartik wrote: January 7, 2013 7:35am

    Much excited about Yuga ( hope it will be showcased)

  8. Mel Jordan wrote: January 7, 2013 7:53am

    There are some issues with the camera A77 that needs to be corrected, > Read the group in Flicker ” A77 Group ” it has lots of complains about low light contrast
    this is a good camera need to make it a GREAT CAMERA I would 2 if you fix this prblem.
    Mel Jordan at

  9. Olga Celle wrote: January 7, 2013 8:22am

    I am a proud owner of a NEX 7. I am disappointed at the selection of semi-pro and pro lenses that this camera’s sensor can handle. And, I am terribly anxious at the rumors that say that the NEX 7 will be replaced by a NEX 8 given the multiple problems with the NEX 7…
    Would you kindly comment?

  10. James E Williams wrote: January 7, 2013 8:51am

    my guestion is will sony release a 3D mega player this year.

  11. Kenito wrote: January 7, 2013 8:55am

    Looking forward in seeing PS4 and Xperia Z and ZL. A lot of leaks(xperia) have been posted on the web already.

  12. jay shultz wrote: January 7, 2013 10:23am

    i like to see more on nex cameras and lenses

  13. Raj Kumar Ravi wrote: January 7, 2013 11:03am

    I would like to see a New Xperia Play Mobile


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