CES 2013- HAND ON: The New Sony Walkman® Sports MP3 Player [VIDEO]

by Reena 01/07/2013

Walkman® has been a Sony classic for years and years. The latest edition, the Walkman® Sports Mp3 Player might look familiar, but this new model is packed with new features like being entirely waterproof. Seriously! Get the full scoop from Brian from the Sony Walkman® Team.

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  1. Mark Claessens wrote: January 10, 2013 8:41pm

    I would like to get the straight scoop from Sony on something. For months I tried to pick up the Z-series mp3 player with the Android system. It was a 1060 blk, I believe. Saw it on Black Friday at half price. Tried to order it and it kept saying they were out of stock and when I called, they repeated that. I was promised that when it came back in that they would let me know and allow me to get one at that price. They assured me, “This item has NOT ben discontinued. We are just out of stock.

    Then about 12/28 or 12/29 I pulled it up and it said, “This item has been discontinued!” I was not happy.

    So I called up and the woman I spoke with grabbed a supervisor. She had me hold for 10 minutes and came back saying she has great news. She said, “Mr. Claessens, I have great news. Unfortunately you were given bad information before. The Z1000 series mp3 player was discontinued and that is final. But the reason for them stopping that product was because we have a new one being released. You will be VERY, VERY happy that you waited. Because this new series, called our new D-series, is not going to run on the old Android 2.0, but the newest Jelly Bean, Android 4.2. The sound quality is going to be far superior to the Z1060, it is going to have a much better and faster processor, it has more features that our consumers wanted, and it will be less money. The product specialist I spoke with said that this will BLOW AWAY THE Z1060!”

    She then stated this exactly: “I have our email in our system. The moment that this is released you will be notified. It is scheduled to be released the 2nd week of January. So in about a week or two you will be getting an announcement about a special opportunity you will have to see not only this product, but a bunch of other products. When you get that, go check it out and then call us to order your new D-series Walkman with Android 4.2.”

    Great. I was so excited. Then early this week I received the big announcement, just like she said. I went online and watched the entire show where all of your new Sony products were shown. But there was no new Android-based Walkman or D-series.

    So earlier today I hopped on the phone and spoke with someone at Sony. She would not give me a product specialist or manager or supervisor. But she said she talked to some big whig a number of times. Here is what she said, “Mr. Claessens, I am terribly sorry, but you were told false information. We have no D-series Walkman. We have discontinued any Walkman mp3 players with the Android based software. We are no longer making them. There has been no replacement for the Z series and there never will. We are going with the wireless headset style now. We are no longer going to make the traditional style mp3 walkman any more. We have a couple styles left, the E-series and the F-series. That is it. And they will be going away soon.

    Here is what I would like: the truth. I would like to know why the woman two weeks ago had so much great information about a new Android-based mp3 player to take the place of the NWZ-Z1060, and today I was told that was all a lie.

    What is really going on? I have been patiently waiting for a long time for this. And I want one. But I need to hear the truth from Sony. It does not make sense that there are two completely different stories, but sincere. But I will say the supervisor lady 2 weeks ago seemed MUCH more knowledgeable and convincing than the lady today.

    I hope to hear something from you soon.


  2. Angelo wrote: February 19, 2013 3:41pm

    “We are no longer going to make the traditional style mp3 Walkman any more.”

    ^^^ is this true? is this confirmed from the top people at Sony?

  3. Gabriela wrote: January 22, 2014 6:41am

    Is there any chance to get a user manual for the sports mp3 player (water proof) in Spanish?


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