Modern artists use Sony TVs as digital canvas [VIDEO]

by Kathleen 12/17/2012

Ever heard of Meamorphism? It’s a funny word used to describe pretty sick art.

And it definitely isn’t your traditional painting. Rather, meamorphism combines classical art making and digital technology, incorporating actual movement and active layers of storytelling into the final masterpiece. One gallery uses Sony TVs as their digital canvas of choice, watch for the scoop.

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  1. Marie wrote: January 23, 2013 12:14pm

    I was at the launch on November 17th in San Francisco and I got to see some of these works in person! They are AMAZING!!! The Beethoven piece in particular is incredible! You can spend hours looking at it, the painting is never the same! I look forward to seeing more of Meamorphism artworks!

  2. art wrote: January 23, 2013 4:23pm

    it was amazing!!!!!

  3. Abigail wrote: February 19, 2013 4:00am

    It’s really great, nice to see this video, Thanks for sharing.


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