Your Guide to Sony Action Cam Mounts

by Team Sony 11/17/2012, in Contact the Blog

Perhaps you or someone you know is looking to purchase a new POV video camera – not sure which one to choose? Sony’s  Action Cam not only takes the cake in slow motion and HD video quality, but its housing comes complete with a universal tripod-style screw mount…making it compatible with hundreds of 3rd party mounting solutions. Whether you’re snowboarding, kite surfing or even spear fishing you’ll be able to catch the action where ever you may be. So in addition to our own Sony mounts available online, there are a few other unique mounts you may want to check out:


Sony Mounts

Skeleton Frame – AKA-SF1

Available in June for about $29.99

  • Perfect non-waterproof solution with minimum bulk for all types of sports and activities; can be secured to goggles, handlebars, etc.
  • Tripod screw for mounting compatibilities that can be adjusted from the bottom, top and side.
  • Open system design allows full access to all connections including HDMI® out, mic and USB micro

Dog Harness – AKA-DM1

Available in June for about $44.99

  • Capture your dog’s point of view
  • Harness mounts the camera comfortably on a dog’s back
  • Adjusts to fit medium to large breeds

Surfboard Mount – AKA-SM1

Available in June for about $34.99

  • Adhesive system forms watertight bond to surfboard, snowboard, kayak, etc.
  • Supplied with lanyard and two sets of the mount and leash
  • Flexible and strong adhesion base for water-side use realizes secure attachment to curved surfaces

Wrist Mount – AKA-WM1

Available in June for about $29.99

  • Allows users the ability to adjust their shooting angle; perfect for self-filming and simple recording of any target
  • Works with Waterproof Housing or new Skeleton Frame
  • 360 degree pan

Float Mount – AKA-FL1

Available in June for about $14.99

  • Designed for a variety of water sports to prevent the Action Cam from sinking in water
  • Attached to camera with tripod screw
  • High visibility in water; includes lanyard

Ball Head – ADP-BH1

Available in June for about $34.99

  • Adjust the camera’s angle on mounts for more viewpoint options
  • Omni-directional adjustment for flexible mounting solution
  • Shorter and smaller mount with universal tripod screw system

Carrying Case – LCM-AKA1

Available in June for about $34.99

  • Semi-hard case serves as organization solution
  • Water-resistant material to repel dirt & moisture
  • Compact yet roomy enough for camera and several mounts/accessories

Other Mounting Solutions

  • We recently discovered Ram Mounts.  These guys make a huge selection of mounts for a variety of applications. We’ve been using them with Action Cam and we found their mounts to be durable, inexpensive, and highly adaptable.
  • We like Xshot’s series of monopod solutions.  They are about to release the  Xshot Pro is a great choice for extreme shooting.
  • Strikemark’s picatinny rail mount for digital cameras works great with Action Cam.  We found it easy to use and sturdy.
  • Camrig has built some pretty awesome prototypes for mounting Action Cam on your board and on your lines.

These accessories will be sold at, Sony retail stores and other authorized retailers nationwide.  Follow #ActionCam on Twitter for the latest Action Cam news.

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