Sony + hitRECord help artists create cool content

by Jen 10/03/2012, in Contact the Blog

Sony and hitRECord are partnering up to give artists the gear they need to create cool content.

What’s hitRECord, you ask?  It’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s (yep, the jilted cutie from 500 Days of Summer) open collaborative production company, where artists come together to make art, videos, music and anything else creative.  If you write, sing, act, edit, take pictures, or draw, you’ll fit right in.

Of course, technology plays a big role in creating art, and that’s where Sony comes in.

We’re going to provide devices and gadgets that enable this community of artists to do what they love. To kick things off we’ll be sending select hitRECord members Alpha NEX-5R Cameras. We’ll also be integrating Sony gear into the Fall hitRECord tour to support upcoming art collaborations.

Check out the video below from Joe and the hitRECord Team to get all the details. And don’t forget to join hitRECord to start making cool stuff with other people who also make cool stuff.


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