Five Reasons why Sony’s Google TV™ Player rocks

by Ray Hartjen 10/09/2012, in Contact the Blog

If you’re the type of person who watches TV with a notebook computer, a tablet, and/or a smartphone, then Google TV™ might be something for you – everything on one device, one screen, with one remote. If you’re shopping around for or reading Google TV reviews, be sure to check out Sony’s Google TV (NSZ-GS7) set-top box. I already know your first question:

Why pay more for Sony’s Google TV player?

Assuming you’re not one of my two children, I won’t give you the answer “because I said so.” Instead, I’ll give you a few better reasons.

1. Memories …

Sony’s Google TV box has 8 GB of internal memory compared to the competition’s 4 GB. Why is that important? One word:  apps. Okay, two words:  more apps. The Google TV platform provides the smartest smart TV experience of them all, and a big part of that is not only the full on Google Chrome™ browser, but also the app market at the Google Play™ store. Take away the 3.1 GB of system memory needed, and you’ll only be able to download approximately 18 apps (assuming 50 MB size per app) on the competition’s box.  On the Sony’s Google TV Player, you’ll have room for approximately 98 apps. More apps, more fun.

2. Inputs and Outputs

Sony’s NSZ-GS7 (pictured below on the left) has two USB inputs, allowing customers to connect multiple devices, like a hard drive full of music and thumb drive full of family photos. With the competition (pictured below on the right), you’ll have to choose, for they only have one. Additionally, the Sony has an optical output for better sound quality when connecting with a non-HDMI® sound system, like a sound bar for example. Don’t look for an audio out on the competition; there isn’t one.

3. Remote Control

Let me tell you, peeps love their remotes. We get more comments about remotes on Home Division products than any other spec or feature. The award-winning Sony Google TV player’s remote has a lot going for it:

  1. Universal remote1
  2. Backlit full QWERTY keyboard
  3. Large, clickable touchpad with an ability to “pinch and pull” web pages like your smart phone
  4. 3-axis motion controller

Ever watch TV in a dark room? You won’t for long with the competition’s remote – there’s no backlit keyboard (plus the touchpad is tiny, and no motion control for those special apps).

4. Design

Okay, I’ll give you that this one is subjective. But, have you seen this thing? Small, simple, and elegant. Or, as I like to say, it’s a Sony.

5. Movies, Movies, Movies

Still not sold on the Sony? Let me sweeten the offer. How about up to $45 in free movies from the Google Play store2? The promotion is “in the box” and you can start enjoying movie night in your house immediately.

As we roll into the holiday shopping season, be sure to check out the Sony’s Google TV player. It turns any TV into the smartest of smart TVs. With the Google Chrome browser, picture-in-picture, apps, and a sick remote, you’ll be the master of your entertainment domain – if it’s accessible over-the-air on in cyberspace, you’ll be able to access it.


  1.  Not all products supported.
  2. Up to $45 value is based on redemption of three new release features from Google Play beginning 7/1/12 through 7/15/14. Offer valid with purchase of Sony Internet Player with Google TV(TM) or Xpheria (TM) Tablet S (SGPT121US, SGPT122US, SGPT123US) and  is only available to customers with a billing address in the United States. Titles are subject to change without prior notice. For full Terms and Conditions please go to



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