4 Fun Photo-Filtering Apps

by Kathleen 09/17/2012, in Contact the Blog

Three weeks ago, I ditched my Stone Age Blackberry and got a Sony® Xperia ion – my very first Android™ smartphone ever. Yes, really! Since then, I’ve finally been introduced to the hipster, digitally filtered photography world that is Instagram®. My life, surely, will never be the same.

Alright, so that’s a little dramatic but I am – as is every one of my friends – currently obsessed with snapping pics with my phone (which just so happens to have a stellar 12 MP camera), and doctoring them up via Instagram. While IG is great with its social sharing and super simple user interface, they’ve only got a few filters which, let’s be honest, can get stale once you’ve used them over and over again.

Turns out there are a handful of Android apps available that offer cool frames and effects sure to make your IG photos stand out. Here are my top four:

LINE Camera

This free app is the bomb. It’s got a vast selection of filters and borders, which you can mix and match, as well as funny character and accessory stamps. I once wasted an entire hour playing with this app. Yes, it’s THAT fun.


I use DipTic to create photo collages. It’s got a ton of templates to choose from, allowing you to piece together between 2-4 photos. You can get it for 99 cents on the Google Play store.


If you want to add short photo captions to your Instagram photos, this is the app to use. Just choose the label design you want, and swipe to tape and type. The free version gives you 9 label options but you can unlock others for 99 cents.

Adobe PhotoShop Express

It doesn’t have all the tools that the PC version does but it’s got everything you need to edit your pics on the go. I use this app to adjust things like brightness, contrast, and sharpness. Best part is it’s free.

There you have it – four apps that complement Instagram. What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments section below. 

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