Photographers take the NEX-6 to Alaska (VIDEO)

by Kathleen 09/28/2012, in Contact the Blog

To launch the new Sony NEX-6 we recruited two photographers, Luca Rossini and Mike Palmieri, for a photography assignment in the wilderness of Kodiak, Alaska. Their challenge: capture the best photo of the trip.

Here’s the kicker, though — they were asked to travel with only ONE carry-on bag each for all their gear and clothing. 

Along the way they tested the capabilities of the NEX-6, and the experience was documented in a short promotional film called “Into Alaska”. The photos they took were b-e-a-utiful. Bears, lush greenery, all the natural wonders Alaska has to offer. Watch it here: 

If you liked that video, there’s more. This behind the scenes video features background on the adventure, interviews with Luca and Mike, and insight into how they used the NEX-6 on the trip. Check it:


Want to see more photos from Mike and Luca’s trip? Visit our Flickr page. 

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