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Tips & Tricks: Transferring Music To Your Walkman® Using Media Go Software

by Sarah 08/06/2012

Have you seen or heard of the new Media Go software by Sony®? You might have if you own a newer Walkman®, Sony Tablet™, PlayStation® Portable or Sony mobile device. Media Go makes it easier than ever to take your media with you wherever you go! It allows you to easily transfer your music collection as well as photos and videos between your computer and Sony devices. The latest version of Media Go can be downloaded directly from During the installation and setup process, Media Go provides the opportunity to import your photos, videos and music including iTunes® automatically using the Setup Assistant.


Let’s go ahead and transfer some music to our Walkman. Each Walkman is slightly different so be sure to check the owner’s manual or visit us at for your specific features. Now here’s Peg to walk you through the simple steps to get you up and running on Media Go in a jiffy!


How to transfer music To Your Walkman® Using Media Go Software 


Now that you have all your tunes transferred over to your Walkman, let’s get moving. You can enjoy your jams while going for a jog around the park or just cleaning up around the house. Let’s hear which tunes you transferred over!


For more tips, tricks, troubleshooting and how-to videos, visit the SonyListens Support (USA) YouTube™ channel at

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  1. Anonymous wrote: August 7, 2012 3:27pm

    Nothing new. It was clear as I looked at media go. That’s why my choice is sony.


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