Catching Up with the Sony Camera Club: Let's Get Nautical!

by Reena 08/01/2012, in Contact the Blog

New Photo Challenge: Let’s Get Nautical
For many people, summer means spending time by the water. In that spirit, the new photo challenge is about all things nautical: Ships, the ocean, anchors, stripes, lines, lighthouses, even sea creatures will be accepted.  It can be literal or a photo of something nautically-inspired/related to the ocean in some way. The world is your oyster and this challenge has set sail!

For rules of the challenge and/or to enter your photo, visit the topic: New Photo Challenge; Let’s Get Nautical.

(Thanks to  AMP_ion_photography, Kevin_Barrett and hams37 for the photo examples above)

Photo Challenge Recap: Favorite Movie or TV Show

One of our more abstract challenges, we asked our Camera Club members to submit photos that reminded them of their favorite movie or TV shows. Here are our favorites:

My dog, Cooper, always reminds me the movie The Mask” says Camera Club Member TimAZ. This photo was taken with the NEX-5.

“This waterfall reminds me of Jurassic Park and, my kids’ favourite movie Ferngully” says member Kettle Creek Images. This was taken with the Sony a200 DSLR.

Taken with a Sony a900, this photo by member trainerKEN was taken at the Olympic Cauldron from Winter Games 2010 in Vancouver. “It always reminds me of Planet Krypton where Superman was from. Brings back Superman movie, the 1978 version. “


“I’m wondering if Jodie Foster will arrive for the opening of this structure?” said member Spencer Bowman of this photo that reminds him of the movie Contact. It was taken with a Sony a850 and Minolta 50mm 1.7. 6-shot portrait pano.


“This is a bridge into Rivington Terrace Garden – the whole pace has a Lord of the Rings Middle Earth feel to it, said member garyd55. It even has two towers just for good measure.”

This photo taken by Camera Club Member Kevin_Barrett reminds him of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos.

So which were your favorites?


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