Six Super Simple Underwater Photography Tips

by Team Sony 08/23/2012, in Contact the Blog

One of the things I’ve seen all over the place this summer are photos taken underwater.  They look amazing, but if you’re anything like me (who can barely see underwater) the thought of submerged photography can seem a little intimidating.

Fear not – Sony Artisan of Imagery, Me Ra Koh, shares some underwater shooting tips and some great photos, taken by her Sony Cyber-shot® TX20 waterproof camera (down to 16 feet).  Even though summer is coming to an end, there are still a few more days to partake in the summertime fun.

  1. Turn up the brightness. When taking underwater photos, make sure to turn the brightness on your screen all the way up. As you go deeper underwater, the degree of light you have to work with dissipates. But by turning up the brightness on your screen, you’ll be able to see your subject that much better!
  2. Wear clear swim goggles, and rub a very small amount of dish soap in them before going underwater to prevent them from fogging up on you. Be careful not to get any in your eyes.
  3. Put your camera in continuous shooting mode so that when you’re underwater you can capture several frames per second. With the Cyber-shot TX20 you can capture up to 10fps at full 16.2 mp resolution.
  4. If you’re photographing a person underwater, have them count off before jumping in. When Me Ra did this underwater shoot, she would count to three and expect to see the kids underwater.  After waiting for several seconds, she quickly realized it’s better to have the kids count off.  That way the person taking the picture has as much time to hold their breath as possible.
  5. Use fun props. Fabric that is sheer and flows will capture the light in a magical way underwater, adding more drama to your photo.
  6. If you don’t have your own pool or don’t live near a lake or the ocean, think about heading to your community pool.  Ask if you can reserve some time alone to take photos prior to the rest of the crowds coming in.

Check out some of Me Ra’s photographs below and learn more about her at:

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