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by Gina 08/29/2012

NEX5R-560x292It’s all about IFA 2012 and SGNL by Sony got an exclusive sneak preview at the new NEX-5R Digital Camera. A successor to the NEX-5N, this new camera introduces a fast hybrid AF, is Wi-Fi enabled and also has the ability to download cool new apps for your camera. Anthony is on set with Kenta from the product team to show us the camera up close and personal.

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  1. Anonymous wrote: December 13, 2012 9:11pm

    How I wish Sony would come clean, by providing a clean HDMI output for us video users of the NEX 5, NEX5N and NEX5R cameras. It’s absolutely deceitful that the menu option for NO DISPLAY still leaves menu data littered all over the LCD screen and HDMI output. Also, the HDMI output seems to be far less resolution than 1080P, but I hope I’m utterly wrong about this.

    The image won’t fill my HDMI-connected monitor, while I’m shooting a bit of video!
    NEX5R user, after returning the NEX5N back to the store. This one may be next, sadly.


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