by Gina 08/29/2012

Yep, it’s that big. Introducing Sony’s new 84inch 4K TV. Just announced, it’s Sony’s first 4K TV and capable of upscaling 4K content from any source. You’ll also see some passive 3D here. We have a fancy new page to show off the TV but in the meantime, you can also check out some pics and video.












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  1. Anonymous wrote: October 22, 2012 1:19am

    sucks……….overpriced, expensive…will be huge flop……samsung’s much smarter 75 inch tv with awesome voice commands and webbrowsing available for $9000………do not buy sony overpriced products…….and then always have fear of things going wrong like their prior tv’s with callbacks etc etc.

  2. Anonymous wrote: December 2, 2012 1:33am

    I saw this on display at a local Virgin Megastore. Picture is amazing. Problem now is lack of 4K content. There’s only 1 movie I see to date (delivered via HDD).
    I’m also a 3D gamer, and have a PC with SLI video cards capable of pushing 3840×2160 at decent framerates – but HDMI @ 4K res is limited to {24,25,30} Hz. Sony totally dropped the ball by not including a DisplayPort connection on this, which is capable of 4K @ 60Hz.

  3. Cody wrote: February 23, 2013 2:49pm

    One more thing Smart one… VOICE COMMANDS…; omg you are the exact kind of person they are trying to target… Features over quality and thats why you know nothing… Rather have a TV for The most life like quality… OR tell you TV to search for Kitty Cat videos on you tube while you stuff your face with twinkies..Your a easy customer for samsung. GJ buddy


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