Sony and Yahoo! Connected TV Apps Make Good Sports Better

by Ray Hartjen 07/25/2012

I do enjoy watching sports in the summer. Truth be told, I like watching sports year around. Individuals or teams, with a ball or puck or board or club or bat or ski or engine – whatever, I’m likely watching, with my family bugging me to stop hogging the TV. Working so closely with Sony Electronics’ Home Division, I’m all like, “But dudes, it’s my job.” Ha, and they fall for it!

Uh … that’s our secret, right?

At CES in January, Sony made mention of yet another first, the exclusive availability of Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity on 2012 Sony BRAVIA® HDTVs. Having an opportunity to play around with it, and seeing more and more applications coming online, I thought it’s a feature worth revisiting.

Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity is an innnovative part of the Yahoo! Connected TV platform, and is available from the BRAVIA home screen. Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity utilizes auto-content recognition to detect what is being watched, and delivers TV viewers one-click access to TV apps with Internet content related to the programming being watched. Interactive content includes show trivia, fan voting for favorites, shopping for items seen on the TV program, interactive playing along with game shows, and even the viewing of related videos and photos.

Currently, viewers can find exclusive apps for Wheel of Fortune® and National Geographic. However, for this guy, the most sizzling apps of summer are – surprise! – the ones targeting sports fans.

Later this week, viewers watching summer games in London with Yahoo! Connected TV on Sony’s connected HDTVs can access the Yahoo! Sports Beyond Gold TV app to get the latest coverage, including news, scores, medal counts, schedules, photos, and videos, all with just a simple click of the remote, and right to the TV screen.

Fans of baseball’s “boys of summer” get an unrivaled experience as the Yahoo! Sports TV App brings broadcast interactivity to your favorite live and recorded games, delivering real-time situational stats, scoring plays, pre-game notes and more.

Finally, starting Saturday night with the Showtime® app, viewers of Showtime Sports® events, such as Showtime Championship Boxing® and Strikeforce MMA, can interact with enhanced synchronized content like fighter profiles, polls, trivia and more, all through the app on the on the TV screen.

Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity brings exclusive content and interaction into your homes through Sony’s connected 2012 BRAVIA HDTVs. Check out the apps today and make a splash with your summer games viewing parties!

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  1. Anonymous wrote: July 25, 2012 8:51pm

    I am commenting on the Sony pags. I have been trying for an hour to log in, I have clicked over and over “forgot password” and now they say my email is working but the birthday does not match so with this I cannot even get a new password. I have been in my account here for close to one year and with using the , “contact us” at the bottom screen will not get help to anything. Jus to let everyone know this don’t waste your time trying to actually find a way to receive help. As you can tell by the way I even had to find a page to post a comment. Of course this is not the page but there doesn’t seem to be any other way to reach SONY>. Well except to buy something of course.

    1. Kathleen wrote: July 26, 2012 2:04pm

      What a bummer! I will forward your email address along to our customer service team, and they should be reaching out to you shortly. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Anonymous wrote: August 2, 2012 4:16pm

    Great news and awesome entertainment capability. Such features should not be limited to few models of Bravia. Will this be implemented on Bravia model KDL46EX700? I see KDL46EX640; but why not the 700?

    1. Kathleen wrote: August 2, 2012 4:21pm

      Hi there, I’ve forwarded your question along to our customer service team. They should be getting back to you shortly. Thanks for your comment!


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