Happy Father's Day!

by Kathleen 06/17/2012, in Contact the Blog

Today, as I think about my own wonderful pops and the many hats he has had to put on throughout the years, I realize just how challenging it is to be a parent.

He was a chef, prepping snacks and meals to feed my seemingly insatiable appetite. He was a doctor, taking care of the many scrapes that my accident-prone self acquired on the playground. He was a tutor, drilling me on multiplication tables and teaching me decimals and long division. This list could go on and on and on …

The point is, being a dad isn’t easy. So I’d like to give props to the supportive, caring, awesome, and totally SHAZAM dads out there. You are appreciated and loved. Happy Father’s day to you all!

In the spirit of Father’s Day here are few dad-related photos, videos, and stories from the Sony Stories site that I enjoyed and hope you will too.














“My friend told me he was teaching his son to shave for the first time. I just happened to have my A200 camera on me, so I snapped this pic.” – Janet Wohler

“My six year old daughter and I took the Sony NEX-5N camera to the playground. The memories we captured are nothing short of breathtaking!” –Alex














“I’m a stay-at-home Dad and without my Sony digital voice recorder, I would be utterly and completely lost. From changing dirty diapers, feedings, and everything in between, it is absolutely imperative that I keep track of life’s everyday moments. With my voice recorder I can do just that. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You Sony.” – Shad Robert

“My story is more of a thank you to Sony. My father just turned 84 years old. He can only hear out of one ear and his sight some days is blurry. He has already had 4 eye surgeries. Anyway, several months ago I was walking through a chain electronics store browsing the televisions. Nothing made me say ‘wow’ until I passed a display with a 55-inch Sony TV. I bought the TV and surround sound system and surprised my father with the gift. It has made a huge difference. He can see the TV clearly and hear as well. Now we get together to watch hockey together, and I can see the joy on his face. So thank you Sony for an amazingly clear and crisp TV that no one can match.” – David Moe Allen

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