You're invited: Community photography challenge May 15

by Kathleen 05/13/2012, in Contact the Blog

May 15. At first glance, just a normal day. But for one group, it’s a day that will go down in photographic history.

Expressions of Humankind, a Swedish non-profit foundation, is rallying people all over the world to participate in a community photo project of epic proportions. On May 15, they’re asking everyone to whip out their cameras and shoot something which represents their daily lives.

No real guidelines here; the photo you submit is just supposed to capture things, people, and places that are closest and most relevant to you. But to provide some direction, the organizers have narrowed it down to three categories to which you can contribute: Home, Work, and Connections.

All submitted photos will then be curated on, accessible to everyone who wishes to browse, explore, and see into the perspectives of the people who added a picture to the site. That means being able to connect with someone who lives thousands of miles away from you through a simple photo. Neat, right?

Additionally, some photos will be featured in a book, A Day in the World, slated to be published in Oct. 2012 while others will be showcased in digital exhibitions.

We wanted to share this with you because it’s a great opportunity to take out your Sony camera and shoot. And this might even inspire you to find extraordinary elements in the things you usually consider ordinary.

So will you be participating? And what camera will you be using to capture your photo? Let us know in the comments section below.

Visit for more information.


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