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by Reena 05/01/2012, in Contact the Blog

New Challenge Announced

Spring is finally here and that means it is time for another Sony Camera Club Photo Challenge! This one we’re doing a little differently; it is a combination of inspiration and pop culture passion. The new Photo Challenge is: Favorite Movie/TV Show.

Let me explain- Ever see something in everyday life that reminded you of a scene from your favorite film or show?  It could be a landscape, an object that was important to the storyline or a scene that reminds you of a poignant onscreen moment (no logos or anything; this needs to be your original photo work only).

For example:  I personally have a hard time looking at a statue of an angel (especially a weeping angel) without telling myself “don’t blink” because of a certain episode of my current sci-fi TV show obsession.

This one will run until May 31st, 2012.

A quick reminder on the rules: 

1. It needs to be shot on a Sony camera. As usual, both DSLR and Point-and-Shoot are welcome!

2. For each photo you submit into the challenge, please comment on at least one other photo.

3. If you have people in your photo that are identifiable in any way, make sure you have their permission to post the photo.

4. Please submit the photo to the group first. The goal is for us to share creative interpretations, but also learn techniques and styles. 

To enter your photo, visit the Sony Camera Club on Flickr®, add your photo to the Group Pool, then to the topic: New Photo Challenge; Favorite Movie/TV Show

March Photo Challenge Favorites

Our last challenge, Silhouettes, was the most popular challenge so far! There were so many beautifully shot photos from all over the world. Silhouettes were highlighted by fog and sunlight, set apart by striking architecture and or showcased by the beauty of nature. Narrowing it down was a difficult task but here are the favorites:

Photo by jerzykott

Shot with the NEX-3 using a Minolta 50mm f/1.7 fully opened lens and NEX-MD converter, this photo was taken in Mannheim, Germany.  

“I really liked silhouettes of people against the illuminated fountain, but wanted to have a fountain as a main subject. That’s why the focus is somehow reversed – foreground out of focus and background (the fountain) in. The silhouette is one of my friends,” said Camera Club Member jerzykott.


Photo by Luiza Meireles
Sunsets and sunrises were another popular subject for this challenge. Camera Club member Luiza Meireles had one of our favorites. This beautiful beach scene was taken at sunset at Atalaia beach in Brazil with a Sony A330, SAL75-300mm lens with settings at 85mm, f/4.5, 1/160s, and ISO 100.

 Photo by kennyf9

Once again, kennyf9 has one of our favorite photos. This striking nighttime image was taken on September  11, 2011 on the tenth anniversary the World Trade Center attacks. Kenny took the photo from Liberty State Park in New Jersey, “the view lends itself to some beautiful images of downtown Manhattan, NY” said Kenny. 
Even though he had been taking many photos of the Tribute Lights, “this one was actually taken on the way back to my car. It was one of those ‘wow’ moments for me, with the people in the image enjoying a quiet spot and the trees and ground framing them nicely with the beams of light in the background. 
To capture the shot at night, Kenny used his Sony A700 with ISO 125, f/11 for four seconds. 
“Lost” by Spencer Bowman

One of our spookier shots was “Lost” by Camera Club Member Spencer Bowman. This eerie shot was taken on the shore of Loch Lubnaig, in Argyll, Scotland.

Spencer frequently visits the Loch Lubnaig on the way to the Highlands.  “On this particular morning there was a heavy mist, giving the perfect opportunity to isolate subjects, said Spencer. I have a real fascination with water; we have nearly 1000 lochs in Scotland so it’s hard not to!”

What might be even more amazing than this photo is how it was taken. This photo was shot with the Sony A450 using a water damaged ‘unrepairable’ Sigma 10-20 lens. Spencer actually used a broken matchstick to jam aperture open. The settings were ISO 200, approx. ‘f16′, 1/50, @ approx. 12mm.

Photo by  JeffJ231

Which photo was your favorite? v>
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