Introducing Pin Deals…Exclusive Sony Deals on Pinterest

by Callan 05/23/2012, in Contact the Blog

Those who read this blog often, know that we are big fans of Pinterest. Between the great tech, funny geek paraphernalia, and gorgeous photography you all are pinning, what’ s not to love? Your awesome pins make our job of creating boards much easier and more enjoyable – so thanks!

Now that we’ve been pinning for a while, our team began thinking about what’s next. What can we do to reward our fellow pinners for the time and energy they have spent helping us create our boards? And as we pondered that thought, the idea of Pin Deals was born.

What’s a Pin Deal you ask? Well, please allow me to explain…

Each Wednesday, for the next month, we’ll offer an exclusive deal on Pinterest to reward our pin-friends for their dedicated pinning. (Don’t worry all, if you are not yet on Pinterest, there is still time…) The deal itself will be on a gadget or an accessory and it will be greater than any other deals we are currently offering on those products. In short, it is something we hope you’ll like.

To get the deal, you’ll want to be following us on Pinterest and you’ll need to keep your eye out for the Sony on Sale board. At 9:30 AM (PST) we’ll add a new pin that will feature the product we are offering the exclusive deal on. We’ll also share with you how many re-pins are needed to unlock said deal. For instance, our first deal that we  pinned today, is on the Cyber-shot® TX20 camera and will require 20 re-pins to unlock. We just pinned it to Sony on Sale a few short moments ago and should it get more than 20 re-pins with-in 48 hours, the deal is officially on.

When we succeed in reaching our re-pin goal, the link on the pin will change to click-through to a new page where you’ll find the special code to redeem your deal.

Sounds pretty doable, right? We hope so.

As mentioned above, we chose to kick off this program with a Pinterest favorite, the Cyber-shot  TX20 camera. We’ve seen hundreds of pins from you all saying how much you’d like this water-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof camera, so we thought it would be an ideal gadget to offer as our inaugural Pin Deal. Between the assortment of bright colors and the sleek design, it is no surprise this camera has been so popular with the Pinterest crowd. But what some pinners may not know is this little camera also  has 16.2- megapixels, Full HD 1080 60i video, and gives you the ability to dual record photos and videos. 

The good news is, if you are, indeed, a fan of the TX20, it will only take 20 re-pins to unlock this first Pin Deal, so click here and start re-pinning now. And if the camera isn’t really your thing, here are the other 3 Pin Deals we’ll be offering over the next month.

Week 2: This laptop carrying case is already on sale, but we are going to discount it even more and throw in some free shipping. With the green, orange and black piping, this sleeve offers a pop of color for those looking to add a little personality to their computer.

Week 3: The Walkman® Z Series is the first Android™ powered Walkman media player and it is probably more similar to a mini tablet than it is to its cassette tape predecessors. Featuring a 4.3” LCD touch screen and the first mobile dual core CPU, this little Walkman media player gives you the premium sound experience you would expect, paired with a fast, responsive and bright screen for your apps and games. We know how much you all love to pin our retro Walkman tape players, and we’re hoping you’ll get excited to re-pin this grown up version.

Week 4: Last, but certainly not least, we’ll offer our final Pin Deal on this laptop tote bag that is entirely too trendy to function just as a computer carrying case. Pinterest is nothing if not stylish,  so it was only natural to include this one…


Well there you have it, our first four Pin Deals. Depending on how you all like these offers, and how the program goes, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to offer more pin deals in the future. So even if none of these four products speak to you, stay tuned for future iterations.

And to that point, if you are an active pinner and there is something you’d love to see a pin deal offered on down to road, feel free to leave us a note in the comments. We’ll be sure to take it into consideration for future Pin Deal programs.


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