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by Team Sony 04/21/2012, in Contact the Blog

Calling … Dick Tracy?!

That’s right. Sony’s latest and greatest little invention combines the wonder of the Android™-powered mobile age with the sci-fi fantasies of a 1940s radio serial.

The SmartWatch – name pretty much says it all, right? – allows you to get quick and efficient updates from your Android™ smartphone, all right on your wrist or clipped to your shirt. Check text messages, Facebook® and Twitter™ updates, and control your music: you can do it all with the SmartWatch.

And, trust me, this is no piece of toss-away hardware. Though it’s only eight millimeters thick (thin, really), it’s dust- and splash-resistant because of its aluminum casing. It comes with a black rubber strap – because, really, black is the new black – and an included adaptor to incorporate your own favorite wrist band. We’ll also offer the rubber bands in five other flavors: pink, mint, gray, white and blue.

Now, we’ve been calling this an Android™ accessory because it is an Android™ accessory. You don’t need a Sony Mobile or Sony Ericsson phone for the SmartWatch to do its thing. HTC Desire? Works with that. Motorola Droid RAZR? Yep. Samsung Galaxy SII or LG Optimus One? Check and check.

Typical battery time for this bad boy is about three or four days but, with Bluetooth® disabled (say, when you’re sleeping), you can run this on standby for up to two weeks without a charge.

How does it compare to other “smart” watches? Well, for one, it’s using versions of Android™ 2.1 and up. Throw in the 128×128 OLED screen and the accelerometer and this thing’s looking pretty sweet.

But, don’t take our word for it. Want to see the goods? Feast your eyes on this:

The SmartWatch is now available for $150 (excluding tax). Swing by a Sony Store to check it out.

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