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by Callan 03/22/2012, in Contact the Blog

We’ve been on Pinterest™ for about four months now and as you may have gleaned from our tweets, blog posts and Facebook® updates; we’re pretty excited about it. I mean, really, how could we not love a site that is full of pretty pictures and has an active community of Sony fans?

However, like many new-fangled places online, there are a couple of hiccups with Pinterest. For instance, it isn’t super easy to find like-minded people to follow. Yes, you can find people based on their pins, but that process is a bit labor intensive.  And if you search the World Wide Web for lists of people to follow, you’ll see the same few “super users” on every list. But what about lists by categories or subjects? That’s the question we asked, and the inspiration for this post.

As we grew our community, we searched and searched for lists of the top tech people on Pinterest only to discover – gasp – there wasn’t one. So, we resorted to manual research via pins, and since we already did the heavy lifting, we figured we may as well save you the time. Chances are, you may like these people’s and company’s pins too. Therefore, without further ado, here are a few of our recommendations for places to get your tech, geek and gadget fill on Pinterest.

Top Technology Pinners on Pinterest

  1. GeekSugar – The popular site sharing how-tos, tips, and gadget news with women everywhere, has brought their “Geek is Chic” philosophy to the Pinterest world. They are active pinners with a whopping 40 boards including a cool futuristic board called Concepts and Future Gadgets and a crafty board entitled Geek DIY.
  2. CNET – The folks over at CNET have long since established their authority as tech and gadget experts, and have brought that legacy into their Pinning activity. Pinning only the best of the best, they have a wide range of boards ranging from helpful (Tech Tips and Photography Tips and Tricks) to just plain fun (LOL and Geeks Only).
  3. CC Chapman – The acclaimed author/photographer/blogger (and Handycam® camcorder user) talks about technology often on his blog and Twitter and infuses it throughout his 19 boards. If you are looking for product recommendations, you can find his in Products I Love and Things to Try.
  4. Jane Wang – Jane makes just about every list of top Pinterest users since she has over 2.5 million followers, but it was her boards Gear and High Tech that caught our eye. This woman exudes style (which is how she has grown such an impressive following) and her tech driven boards are no exception.
  5. Mashable – Not a shock that Mashable racked up 19,000 followers within a few months and, as you’d expect, they have tons of quality technology pins. While you’ll certainly want to check  Tips and Tricks and Tech and Gadgets, may we also recommend Web Humor for some real gems.
  6. USA Today Tech – The people over at USA Today must be busy with all this pinning because they have created separate pin profiles per category – and have managed to actually pin to all of them! The tech profile has 13 boards that include Wedding Tech (we were stoked to see the Sony pink PlayStation®3 controller made the list) and Tech Gift Ideas.
  7. The Next Web – According to their profile, the team over at The Next Web is pinning geeky and tech things that trigger their interests – and they are pinning a lot. With almost 650 pins just on these topics, you could find yourself lost in their boards for quite some time. Not to miss are: Inspiration for Geeks and Geeky Humor.
  8. Wall Street Journal – Along with so many other media outlets, the Wall Street Journal has been actively pinning a wide variety of topics. When you visit their page, you’ll see everything from a board on lipsticks to a board on South by Southwest. They are, however, one of the few outlets with a tech specific board and this WSJ Tech & Gadgets board has a some good finds. Check out the reviews on everything from a high-tech vacuum to the PS Vita.
  9. Beth Blecherman – Beth, of Cool Mom Tech fame has many a Techmama boards, but it is the board called, “Techmama Interesting Tech” where you’ll see the majority of her pinning action taking place. On this board she shares the tech tidbits that catch her attention each day including, news, tips, and reviews.
  10. Matters of Grey – The geek collective that runs a blog about social media, tech and general nerdom, is now on Pinterest pinning all sorts of geek goodies. We’re big fans of their Star Wars board and their Misc Geek board.
And last but not least…
Sony Electronics – We couldn’t leave ourselves off this list, could we? Since we announced our profile last month, we’ve been busy pinning away to what we’ve seen have been your favorite boards – Retro Sony Products, Brand New Sony Products, Sony Art, and Geeky Tech Fun. But we’ve also been branching out and exploring the ways tech is incorporated into your life. Our newest boards: Photography in the Home and Rooms We’d Love to Live In, look at how tech and home decor go together.

And there they are — 10 of the top technology Pinners on Pinterest. As you can see, there is still a ton of space on Pinterest for tech leaders, and we’re looking forward to seeing more and more of you all jump in. We’re also sure that there may be other influential tech pinners that we just haven’t seen yet, which is where you all come in. If you think of anyone pinning great tech/geek/gear or gadget pins, feel free to leave us a comment and we can update as need be.


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