New Sony Camera Club Challenge: Silhouettes

by Reena 03/01/2012, in Contact the Blog

It’s time for another challenge on the Sony Camera Club on Flickr®! This month’s challenge is more on the technical side. For the month of March, we’d like to see your best silhouettes!  It will run until March 31st, 2012 so get your photos in ASAP!

(Clockwise from the top left) Photos by Sony Camera Club members garyd155Nate Gonzalez, and Vinay Narayana Swamy

For those who might not be familiar with the Sony Camera Club, every few months we have a photo challenge within the group. This is a chance for members of the club to showcase some of their best work and see how they stack up against other Camera Club members.  The rules are:

  1. Your photo needs to be shot on a Sony camera, but both DSLR and Point-and-Shoot are welcome!
  2. For each photo you submit into the challenge, please comment on at least one other photo.
  3. If you have people in your photo that are identifiable in any way, make sure you have their permission to post the photo.
  4. Please submit the photo to the group first. The goal is for us to share creative interpretations, but also learn techniques and styles.

Myself and the other moderators serve as judges and each time, picking our favorites becomes more difficult. There is so much talent in the group! But even if you’re a novice photographer, challenges are a fun way to show your stuff and learn from some of the more experienced photographers in the club.

Challenges are just for fun and bragging rights but the top picks do get highlighted in their very own blog post here on the Sony Blog.

And as always, we are open to suggestions for challenges. Please leave them in the comments!

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