Handheld Gaming Battle: PlayStation Vita vs. Nintendo 3DS

by Team Sony 03/13/2012, in Contact the Blog

Now, I’m no gamer but even I can tell when one system clearly is giving another a run for its money.

The PSP was great, portable device but its successor – PlayStation Vita – takes the home-console gaming experience and puts it right in your hands. The screen is beautiful to gaze at (on or off) and finally, a company had the courage to throw out all of those arguments about “pocket real estate” and put some real analog joysticks on this bad boy. The PlayStation Vita has challenged, rather boldly, people to put down their smartphones and get into some real mobile gaming.

On the other hand, Nintendo’s 3DS, the Vita’s main competition, looks and feels something your kid brother might play with.

But how does it compare to the 3DS in the handheld market? Here’s the breakdown:

First, let’s talk about the screen, since that’s probably one of the most important pieces of real estate on the device – especially for the eyes. 3DS: two screens, one 800×240 resolution and the other 320×240 resolution. Vita? 960×544 OLED screen.

The Vita is also great when it comes to interfaces and interacting with games, with buttons, a touch-pad, two analog joysticks, front- and rear-multi-touchscreen, a six-axis motion sensing system and a three-axis electronic compass. 3DS offers only a touchscreen and a “circle pad” to go with its buttons and touchpad.

Both devices offer Wi-Fi but only Vita offers Bluetooth. 3G? You can get it with PlayStation Vita.

Sounds like Vita’s the clear winner, right?

Well, don’t take our word for it. Three editors from CNET pitted the two handhelds against each other in a six-round “prize fight.”

CNET’s comments on the Vita included things like;  “Amazing screen.” “More than just a gaming device.” “Best-looking games.”

That’s right. Vita beat 3DS in five of six rounds.

Let’s close on a high note, with Rik Henderson of the website Pocket-Lint.

“Let’s not beat around the bush; we like the PlayStation Vita, we like it a lot. In fact, we’re happy to say that we have never fallen for a handheld games console as much as we have the PS Vita,” he wrote. “Admittedly, it has few rivals battling for our affections. There’s the Nintendo 3DS and, er, that’s it.”

But what about the iPhone?

“Some might say that the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch are valid competitors,” Henderson wrote, “but to compare it to an iOS device, in gaming terms, is to compare a Lamborghini to a Ford…” While the iPhone can be used for gaming, the experience is more limited. It is not engineered for it like the Vita.

Are you the proud owner of a PlayStation Vita or have you tried one out in store? Tell us what you think about it in the comments!



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