New DSLR Camera Announcement: the Sony A57 [VIDEO]

by Reena 03/12/2012

Today, Sony Electronics announced the new A57 DSLR camera, the successor to the popular A55.  The noticeably larger A57 includes a wider array of creative options than previous models in the A-mount line. Users can still enjoy features like up to 12 frames per second and full HD video at 60p, 60i or 24p frame rates but also variety of creative modes including Auto Portrait Framing, a world’s first technology.

The A57 includes technology from some of the other Alpha DSLRs. It has a 16.1 effective megapixel Exmor® APS HD CMOS sensor along with a latest-generation BIONZ® engine, which was developed for the A77 and A65 cameras, so you know that its processor is powerful and can handle a lot of image data. The BIONZ® engine also gives the A57 a sensitivity range of ISO 100-16,000, which means low light photos are a snap to capture (pun intended).

The A57 also shares the A65’s 15-point AF system with three cross sensors delivering fast, accurate TTL phase detection autofocus. The newly enhanced Object Tracking AF keeps your subject in sharp focus – even if something (or more likely, someone) crosses in front of it momentarily and blocks your shot.

Fan of photo apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic? The A57 has in-camera Picture Effect modes including Pop Color, HDR Painting, Miniature Mode and more.

But enough talk; want to see the A57 in action? SGNL by Sony got the inside scoop on the A57 from Sony Camera Team member Kenta:

The new A57 will be available this April with an 18-55mm kit zoom lens for $800. It will also be offered as body-only for about $700 (both prices exclude tax).


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  1. Anonymous wrote: March 13, 2012 7:59am

    I was looking forward to the announcement of the A57. I was hoping that the A57 would be the almost the same as the A65, but with a 16-18MP sensor. A 18MP sensor to compete with Canon would have been a great selling point. I like SONY is using the same battery found in the Sony Alpha DSLRs, because I have many for my other Alphas. I don’t care about the A57 not having GPS or the two new gimmicks. I like the miniature video feature. I’m disappointed the A57 has the lower resolution LCD, not the OLED screen and viewfinder. The specs don’t mention if the A57 has the same electronic first curtain shutter as found in the A65 and A77. That is a killer feature, that I would want in the A57. I want to see more detailed reviews, before making any decision.

  2. Anonymous wrote: March 14, 2012 3:17am

    any news about the noise levels on high iso ? is it fixed on the a57 ?

    1. Anonymous wrote: May 24, 2012 2:02pm

      Wtf is this? This is basic training, for those who just bouhgt a DSLR or something. Good food photographers use a lot of lights, reflectors, ND filters and really fast lens, like 50 1.2 or 85 1.2, and they certainly don’t use a Sony platform. This is pure Sony commercial.

  3. Anonymous wrote: March 16, 2012 1:39pm

    Can this camera take photographs without interrupting video taking? I’m asking about true simultaneous videophotography option.


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