Wil Wheaton Weighs in on Classic Sci-Fi Gadgets [Video]

by Reena 02/22/2012, in Contact the Blog

It’s no secret that Wil Wheaton knows science fiction. After asking him to check out our Personal 3D Viewer, Wil and SGNL by Sony host, Anthony got to talking about their favorite sci-fi gadgets. There is mention of sonic screwdrivers, “hacking the Gibson”, automatic toilet paper, and of course, droids. (If some of this seems familiar, it’s because it debuted on geek site Almost Nerdy).

But wait there’s more! 10 GB brains, hard drive names, and how certain classic novels that should be fiction are kind of being used as how-to’s:

So tell us, what are your favorite sci-fi gadgets? What ones would you like to see become reality?

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