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Happy Love Your Pet Day!

by Reena 02/20/2012
There are lots of random holidays that many of us probably wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for social media. Some are silly like Talk like a Pirate Day, some are historical like Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, but one that is near and dear to my heart is Love Your Pet Day.
I’m a big time animal lover and my dogs (left: Olive, right: Dozer, both taken with my NEX-C3) are two of my favorite things to photograph:

But I am not alone! I reached out to both the Sony Camera Club on Flickr and some of my fellow Sony coworkers to see what kind of pets they have and get some of their tips on taking photos of them.

Chili (left) and Pepper (right) belong to Matt Parnell, one of my fellow Sony team members. Taken with his NEX-3, Matt said that he tries “to take pictures from up close so I can get the nice background defocus effect, like the one of pepper as a puppy”. As for his other dog Chili, Matt says taking his photo is easy “He is ridiculously lazy so I don’t have to do much to get him to pay attention”.

Sony Camera Club member reodonnell took this stunning photo of their dog Misha using natural light (“Taken on an early morning as the sun was rising and shining through the back door.”) and their Sony A500 set to 1/40 sec. @ f:4.5, ISO 800.

When photographing animals with darker coats, it’s important to have the right settings to separate them from the background. That’s how Sony Camera Club members cj1970paj (left) and Barringtonsworld (right) got these great shots of their pets. Member cj1970paj was able to get this shot of Roobarb, his Bengal cat by taking the photo “low down with 70-210 Beercan at f4 to get good separation from the background”.

Patience and great natural light helped member Barringtonsworld get the perfect photo of Stella, a Black Labrador Retriever. “I wanted to get a picture of her with a bright coloured background and plenty of light, as she is very dark haired. We went out an hour before sunset. She was really moving fast, so I crouched down and just waited for her to come closer, and then when she faced the sunset…click….voilà! I took this picture at 1/6000sec f2.4 @ 50mm.”

Sony team member Rachelle Arcebido uses her Cyber-shot® WX5 to capture more candid shots of her dog Louis. “He loves riding in the car and I wanted to capture that passion, I think you can see it in his eyes”.

But what about our non-furry companions? Sony Camera Club Member jscotcha has a few tricks to photographing Gina, his 3 year old Harlequin Macaw. “When I try to take pictures of her she thinks the camera is “her” new toy and I get a lot of beak filling photos as she tries to grab the lens. Have to back off or distract her with nuts to get some that show her colors.” His A77 and SAL1650 with fast, silent focus also helped.

From feathers to scales, Sony Direct team member Jessica Geiszler has mastered taking awesome pictures of Radley, her Speke’s Hingeback tortoise (right) and has some tips for photographing your reptilian friends. “You have to work with what you’ve got.  To capture a yawn, wake them softly from a deep slumber, point the camera and wait; in about five minutes, he/she will start to yawn.  To capture a stroll, incentivize him with his favorite food.” Jessica also recommends a lukewarm bath to rejuvenate his colors.

Climate conditions are also a factor when dealing with reptiles. “In Radley’s situation, if the weather in his terrarium or outdoors is cooler than usual, he is less active.  This is great for portraits, but if you want to capture your tort’s energy, give them the warmth to do it – I suggest a sunny lawn or rockscape”.

Got a great tip for us or want to show off your pet? Please feel free to in the comments!

From left to right: Photos by Sony Camera Club members Kevin_Barrett, trainerKEN, Boerseuntjie, Stewart Black, Sony team member Rob Manfredo, Sony Camera Club Members Eckybay, flyfshr2009, tmfrizzell, bscemu, lastokov, flyfshr2009, and Sony team member Tom Di Nome.

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