Sony is on Pinterest – Are You?

by Callan 02/09/2012, in Contact the Blog

Chances are you’ve heard a thing or two about Pinterest recently. The clever little site – full of ideas, how-tos, and pretty pictures -has been popping up all over the internet for the past few months. Those who are already on it understand the obsession. In fact, it’s likely they aren’t reading this blog post, because they are too busy hanging out on Pinterest. Don’t worry, we get it.

Those who haven’t gone down the rabbit hole just yet, may have noticed friends post on Facebook about “pinning” something  or seen one of the many tweets about  Pinterest being the “next big thing.” At the very least, they’ve likely heard someone start a sentence with, “Well last night, I saw on Pinterest…”

But wherever you are on your path to Pinterest addiction, fret not, there is still time to jump on board. Although the site appears to be everywhere now, as recently as 3 months ago it was still a little known entity with only 1.5 million users (it now has jumped up to over 7 million as of December 2011). So the good news is those who are just figuring it out now can still count themselves among the early adopters.

Whether you are a Pinterest veteran or just diving in, you can expect to find a new friendly face – us! For the past two months our team has been planning the Sony Pinterest page and spending lots of time studying the  site so we could get it right. Before we even created the profile, each of us explored and used Pinterest on our own so we could better understand what makes something worthy of a  pin, re-pin, like and comment. And after our not so official research, we were inspired to dive in for Sony. What we saw was this:

First and foremost, people were already pinning Sony products left and right. Sweet – our job just got that much easier.  It was great to see what products people were most excited about and why, which is good information that we are able to share with the teams who develop the products here.

Second we found that people were doing some pretty creative things with the Sony brand. Like this bento box made out of a PlayStation® controller or this ALPHA™ camera cake.


And lastly we loved all the vintage Sony things being pinned – everything from old school ads, to TVs, to this little radio that we saw repinned over and over. It was rewarding to see the sense of nostalgia that our products brought out in all of you. And what a trip to see the way in which technology has evolved!

After our team took our time exploring, we were ready to get to work and see what we could bring to the table. We know that you want more from us than just a regurgitation of our website, so we put together some thoughts on how to keep things fresh, fun and pin-able. Here’s what you can expect from us on Pinterest:

We are going to pin the best of the best. The best products, the best deals, the best photos, etc. We want to pin the things that make us say wow so that they will make you say wow too.

We are going to pin more than products. We want our boards to represent the Sony lifestyle, which means everything from geeky/tech fun to stylish chic.

We want to pin stuff from you. Your photos and videos inspire us and they should be seen. If you have something awesome you want us to pin, send it our way and we will use it if we can. We’ll also be perusing our other communities (flickr®, Facebook®, Twitter™ and even your stories on to highlight some of the amazing things you’ve shared with us.

We’ll be timely. We know that the whole point of Pinterest is to help organize the web and so we won’t be inundating you with old or irrelevant pins. You can count on us to bring you special products for holidays and to share with you new products as soon as they become available.

And lastly, we are committed to evolving. With new platforms, we know that things change practically daily, and what’s cool on Pinterest today may be SO not cool tomorrow. We definitely promise to not be un-cool.

Now, if there is ever a time where you think we aren’t holding up our end of the bargain, you just let us know. It’s a new space and we are open to your ideas and feedback. So feel free to leave us a comment on our pins or shoot us any ideas in the comments below. And in the meantime, Happy Pinning!

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