The Technology Wedding of the Year

by Callan 01/19/2012, in Contact the Blog

2011 may have brought us the Royal Wedding and the Kardashian/Humphries fiasco, but for 2012, the wedding of the year took place just last week. On Jan 11th, in the glorious town of Vegas, friends and family joined together to partake in the joyous union of the Bravia TV and the internet.

Yes, we are talking a real-life wedding. The ceremony took place at the Bellagio wedding chapel and commemorated the joyous union of our Bravia TV line and the Sony Entertainment Network.

As many of you know, this  marriage was a long time coming. All of us, who have been close to the lovebirds have seen their relationship grow and blossom over the years. It was only appropriate that they make their union official at the biggest tech event of the year – CES.

Since we know many of you appreciate a good love story and a few solid puns, we decided to take this time to share a little bit about how these crazy kids got together. Below is their love story and a few photos from their big day.

The Love Story of the TV and the Internet

*Co-written by Rob Manfredo, a dear friend to both the bride and groom

TV was always a hopeless romantic. Being the sassy thing she is, she’s always had a knack for attracting people of all types. And yet, despite her magnetism, she struggles to find her perfect complement.

In her youth, she was drawn to the free and breezy types. But eventually she became annoyed that they spent so much time floating in the air and she grew troubled by their inability to consistently give her the “right signals.” So she moved on.

She then developed a penchant for the types that were all about making a connection. While some of these relationships lasted a while, eventually she found that this type of mate lacked the flexibility to meet her changing whims. Every time these suitors would cozy up and attach themselves, she couldn’t help but feel they were restricting her and limiting her potential.

As time went on, TV really matured and came into her own. Physically, she began working out regularly and she slimmed down considerably. She also began a rigorous facial routine that gave her a glow that truly lights up a room.

Her new look also reflected the changes she had made inside. She got smarter, faster and brighter. Yet, like so many other girls, she was still waiting for the ideal mate – someone that could be her partner and challenge her to grow.

And wait she did – until the day that Internet appeared at her steps.

While a few years her junior, Internet was already quite mature when he and TV first met. He had grown up in a time when choice, flexibility and instant gratification were paramount for most folks and he had learned to adapt quickly to changes in the world. It was clear from the start that he was on the fast track to stardom.  

The ultimate connector, communicator and showman, there was really only one thing that Internet was missing in his early days to make him a true winner. He yearned for that special someone that could help him get people’s attention.

When he first began his quest of love, he spent most his time with the nerdy types that brought him into this world. While he felt at home with these peeps, he knew there was more to life than academia.

Then he went in the opposite direction, chasing the risqué and depraved. While he found that world interesting, he felt it was limiting his rise to prominence since people kept his potential in this world private. But, it was through this experience that he recognized his skills as an entertainer.

As time progressed, Internet got smarter, and quicker and he became a more thoughtful and helpful being. He began attracting a different type of mate, eventually attaining an amount of attention only rivaled by TV. It wasn’t long before others started to realize his ability to deliver on-demand content and he was set-up with a whole variety of mates. But Internet would not be bound by any device or location (such a player!). He had everything, except that perfect complement – the one special mate that would make his heart full and give him a purpose in life.

Then, one fateful day, Internet found himself paired with TV. He knew, the moment they met that they were made for one another. In this union there is limitless potential, indispensable personality and unprecedented performance. Everyone knows, this is one marriage that will last. 

And there you have it… that’s the whole story of their romance. Should you feel inspired by the enormity of their love you are welcome to share your well wishes for the happy couple in the comments. We’ll make sure to pass them along.


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