Video Demos of Newly Announced Cameras, Lenses & Camcorders

by Gina 08/23/2011, in Contact the Blog

It’s one thing to read a press release when a new gadget is released; it’s another thing to get some hands on time with it for a video. SGNL by Sony had a unique opportunity to demo the entire line up of new cameras, lenses, accessories and camcorders announced this evening for a special in-depth look to show our viewers. Additionally we had Kenta Honjo, a Camera product team member, on hand to answer our pressing questions about the future of the a700 camera along with some in-depth questions on Sony’s new Alpha lineup.

And if we didn’t get to all the questions you might have, never fret. We’re collecting questions from now until September 9th , and will ask the product team to answer as many as they can for folks. You can ask your questions below, via YouTube comment (comment on videos) or by heading to our Sony Camera Club where we have a special forum topic set up. And if you’d like to see more sample photos taken with any of the gadgets you see, don’t be shy. Tell us what settings you’d like tested and shown in photos and we’ll be sure to share more photos along with those answers towards the end of September before items start hitting doorsteps. For the full scoop, check out our videos below.

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