Aiding the relief effort in Japan: how we can all help

by Team Sony 03/22/2011, in Contact the Blog

As the crisis in Japan continues to unfold, the stories of recovery and survival are both heartbreaking and inspiring. Over the last two weeks, we’ve heard tales of unimaginable devastation and struggle, and also of the Japanese people’s keen focus on community and rebuilding. According to the latest news reports, food, clothing and medical supplies are still desperately needed in the northeastern region of the country, where the earthquake and tsunami struck, as hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced.

“The devastation facing Japan right now is unimaginable. The recovery will be long. And the Japanese people need our help,” said Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman, CEO and President of Sony Corporation, in a recent message to Sony employees. “Please do what you can to join in the relief effort.”

Sony Corporation has encouraged employees around the globe to do their part to aid in the relief and recovery efforts.  In addition to Sony’s initial donation of 300 million Japanese yen (approximately US$3.6 million), special matching gift programs for Sony employees were put into place soon after the tragedy struck. In addition, the company donated 30,000 radios and 500,000 batteries for emergency use, and expects to make additional product donations going forward, based on local needs.

Many of you have asked how you can offer assistance to the people of Japan who are suffering the effects of this disaster. Please consider making a charitable donation to the Japan Society’s Japan Earthquake Relief Fund, the American Red Cross’s Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund, or to other reputable charities involved in the relief efforts.  As announced on Friday, you can also make donations to the American Red Cross directly via the PlayStation Network.  For more information on Sony’s support of the relief efforts, visit


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