Straight from the Sony labs: Sony 3D technology in development

by Team Sony 01/08/2011, in Contact the Blog

The lines to see the technology Sony has in development were long ¬†at CES. Between the 3D head-mount display, 3D OLED monitor and the 3D portable Blu-ray players, that section of the booth was a constant traffic jam. I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to share the prototypes with our online community, so I took a camera out on the floor and shot this demonstration with Arturo Jordan, who specializes in all things 3D at Sony Electronics. Take a look at the video then let us know if you can imagine any of these devices coming in handy in your life. I can tell you after trying on the 3D head-set, I’m putting my name on the list to see if the engineers need a product tester!

Did you come by the show? Let us know what you think of the new technologies.

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