Sony's Bloggie Touch vs. Other MP4 Cameras

by Gina 12/21/2010

So why use an MP4 camera over a smart phone and which MP4 camera is right for you? On an episode of SGNL by Sony, Anthony and Melody go through those questions. They take a look at Sony’s Bloggie® Touch and stacks it against the Flip Slide HD and the Kodak Play Touch. Some of the things they look at is picture & video capabilities, use of the LCD screen and various pros and cons of looking at MP4 cameras in general.They also address a popular question we’ve seen asked a lot. Does the Bloggie Touch work with a Mac?

See the differences between all of them and decide for yourself.

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  1. Anonymous wrote: January 6, 2011 3:37am

    all the features that you need on this mp4 is impressive but there is a very important missing capabality that should have it, there is no external storage capability which is the very nessesary to have for mp4, for example your out on vacation and you dont have a laptop with you and your 8 gb storage had ran out of space to capture a very memorable expiernce. i am not gonna buy this one, for me i would just use my iphone instead. and dont compare this product to cellphone w/capalities of recording videos, because is none sense of having extra gadget on your packet w/the same storage capacity of capturing videos. This is another useless gadget to have.

  2. Gina wrote: January 8, 2011 8:51pm

    Hey Guest, definitely a perspective to consider. That is what I found this SGNL episode interesting. It was nice to see what different features, phones and other brands have. Good info when people do their homework but for sure a personal decision.


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