NBA in 3D tips off tonight

by Team Sony 12/17/2010

Any basketball fans out there? You know who you are. Tonight, some of the greatest athletes in the world will be broadcast in 3D in one of the world’s most famous arena. Want to see an in your face dunk in 3D? How about an incredible jump shot or a star basketball player drive to the hoop? Well tonight marks the first time you’ll be able to see all of this in 3D as the Miami vs New York game marks the inaugural 3D broadcast of National Basketball Association games in 3D.

The NBA adds to the growing lineup of content on ESPN 3D. Sony has worked with the network to bring you events like the World Cup, Summer X Games, BCS Football and now a planned 14 NBA games in 3D.

All of these events are brought to you using Sony professional 3D equipment. If you’ve got a 3D setup at home, then you can enjoy the game in what has got to be THE next best thing to actually being courtside. The depth of 3D will make watching basketball even more thrilling since the court size is smaller and speed and pacing of the players is faster too.

Sony HD cameras are by far the most popular cameras used to capture 3D sports and live events. For the Miami vs NY game, crews will be Sony HDC-P1 cameras in 3D rigs, as well as the Sony MVS-8000X production switcher with 3D capabilities that enables producers to easily manage and work with stereo signals.

You can find a full list of games from the ESPN 3D schedule. And right around the corner is March Madness, so if college hoops are more your speed check out the select games that will be broadcast in 3D.

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  1. Anonymous wrote: December 17, 2010 2:18pm

    Absolutely the next best thing to being there – factoring in free parking and concessions at my house, plus no bathroom lines, maybe even better :).

    Lots of great games on ESPN3D after the first of the year, starting with the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 1, two NBA games later that week, and then the BCS Championship Game on Jan, 10, featuring Auburn and Oregon. Can’t wait!

  2. Anonymous wrote: December 27, 2010 7:46am

    Sony is a very disreputable firm that fails to standby its products. I was given a Sony Mobile HDSNAP camera as a gift for Christmas but parts were missing from the package when I opened it. Because the person purchased the give for me in November, Sony’s customer relations refused to provide the missing parts. When purchasing a gift, the purchaser does not open the packaging to determine if all the parts are there. What part of gift doesn’t Sony understand. I’ll never buy anything Sony again!

  3. Anonymous wrote: December 28, 2010 5:06am

    Wow saw it and it was amazing. It felt like I was sitting in some first row half court thousand dollar seat!!

    1. Anonymous wrote: May 24, 2012 9:09am

      Man I dont have an answer. (wish i did) but i was wdinerong the same thing! i had no idea they didnt make a 2011 ncaa thats the one i wanted! ! went to walmart 3 times and they didnt have it and i asked and they just kept telling me they must not have it yet or they sold out quickly. not gonna lie very dissapointed to see theyre not gonna be doin one this year! i really wanted that game!! loved the 2010 one and like you ive been playin the 2k ones. i love 2k10 nba! thats prolly my most played game. but is it just me or was 2k11 a HUGE and i mean EPIC FAIL of a game? and i gotta question is 2k strictly professionally or do they have a college one too? cause if they do im hittin up my gamefly account! haha Was this answer helpful?


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