Everyone has Sony Walkman player story, don’t they?

by Team Sony 10/25/2010, in Contact the Blog

By now you’ve heard the news. Sony Walkman player, the cassette tape version that reminds just about everyone of younger days, won’t be sold in Japan anymore. I’ve sat here following the story as it’s been shared on major news sites as well as smaller technology blogs and on micro sites. It seems as though news about Walkman players creates some great passion around the globe. Before anyone gets too teary eyed, you should know that although the cassette Walkman players won’t be available in Japan, they are still being manufactured and sold in markets like the US, where there is still demand.

The “Walkman” name has evolved over the years and is found throughout Sony’s MP3 Player lineup. The W Series Walkman player is just one example. It’s an wire-free, water resistant (and yes, sweat resistant too) digital music player that is a and favorite among  runners, athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the globe.

We know many of you, as we do, have a special place in your heart for the World’s first portable music player.  If this news shook you out of your typical Monday and made you think of simpler times when a Sony Walkman made you feel like to coolest kid on the block, then I hope you’ll share your story.  My first Walkman player got me some hot water. It was the pre teen beginnings of me getting in trouble for not listening to my parents (Sorry Mom and Dad, it’s because I couldn’t hear you!).

So, what’s your Sony Walkman player story?

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