Sony Launches 3D

by Team Sony 06/10/2010

Yesterday on the historic Sony Pictures lot in Culver City, Calif. Sony held an event to launch 3D in the United States.  There could not have been a better place than an active movie studio for Sony to announce what lies ahead for 3D and to showcase our involvement in the entire 3D ecosystem from content creation to delivery devices.

“Sony is blazing the trail in every part of the 3D universe” said Sir Howard Stringer, chairman, chief executive officer and president of Sony Corporation to a room filled with press. Though yesterday marked the pre-sale availability of Sony 3D BRAVIA televisions Sir Howard reminded the crowd of Sony’s deep involvement in all things 3D, including Sony 3D broadcast equipment used to film movies, 4K projection systems in thousands of theaters across the country and a dedicated 3D Technology center on the Sony Pictures lot which serves to educate the industry on 3D technology.

“For this to be successful, content is always the king in terms of products” said Stan Glasgow, president and COO of Sony Electronics. He added that Sony will develop 85 sporting events in 3D with ESPN over the next year. ESPN will launch ESPN3D its first 3D channel this Friday and show a number of FIFA World Cup matches in 3D throughout the next month.

Sony Pictures will continue to bring quality 3D moves to consumers. “A television set without content is like a car without gas, soccer without a ball and a refrigerator without food” said chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Michael Lynton. The room got a sneak peek at what’s ahead for Sony Pictures in 3D including Men In Black III and Spiderman in 3D coming out this fall. If you  buy a Sony 3D ready or enabled BRAVIA you will also get a copy of Sony Pictures Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on Blu-ray 3D once your BRAVIA is registered.

The availability of stereoscopic 3D gaming on Playstation 3 was also announced. “3D gaming is the most anticipated technology this year” said Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America. To celebrate the availability of Sony 3D BRAVIA televisions, Playstation is offering a voucher for 4 free stereoscopic gaming experiences with purchases of a 3D enabled BRAVIA television. Earlier this year a free firmware upgrade was made available to PS3 owners making the Playstation 3 the only console on the market that can support full stereoscopic 3D gaming.

Sony 3D ready and enabled sets became available for pre sale yesterday and you can learn about the various BRAVIA models, delivery devices like Blu-ray players, pricing and purchase information from fellow blog editor, Gina Campbell’s look at Sony 3D devices available at

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  1. Loy Bennett wrote: June 10, 2010 11:08pm

    Where can i find this in its entirety?

    1. Sukhjit Ghag wrote: June 12, 2010 1:13am

      Hello Loy, are you looking for a longer version video of the announcements? I didn’t roll on the whole thing but I can see if it was recorded. Let me know if you have specific questions about any of it.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Look forward to talking with you. -Sukhjit

  2. William Fry wrote: June 10, 2010 11:37pm

    Video looks good I’m glad to see the new 3d tech taking off.

    1. Sukhjit Ghag wrote: June 12, 2010 1:11am

      Hey William! Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the video. I’ve got some more coming. There was so much talked about and shown at the 3D launch. I was only able to capture a fraction of it. -Sukhjit

  3. Owen Jj Stone wrote: June 11, 2010 12:20am

    I love Sony for the way it is approaching this 3D market.. Loved everything here I saw and read.. the only thing that got me was 3D computers that might be going a little to far.. but We will see. I want a Bravia bad!

    1. Sukhjit Ghag wrote: June 12, 2010 1:10am

      Hey Owen, thanks for the comment! Nice to hear you’re excited about what we have ahead in 3D. Have you had a chance to demo a Sony 3D set yet? That’s when people really get jazzed. As for VAIO in 3D, laptops are such a valuable screen. I use my laptop for so much, even Blu-ray movie viewing. Imagine gaming and being able to watch a movie on the go in 3D on your VAIO. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

      Always good to see a comment from you! –Sukhjit

  4. Anonymous wrote: June 12, 2010 1:42am

    I was at the local store, i was not impressed by it…
    why is sony a step behind from everyone else? sony used to be one that would amaze the crowds, now it looks like sony is playing catch up with everyone else….
    i hope i get to watch a world cup match on 3d to see the difference on live tv, thats what im most interested on

    1. Sukhjit wrote: June 12, 2010 1:52am

      Hello “Anonymous”, So you were at a store where you saw a Sony 3D demo? What didn’t you like about it? Do you remember 3D of the past? Todays technology is leaps and bounds better.. and will only get better. What part of 3D do you think Sony is behind in?

      If you want to see where you can see the live stream use this link: Hope to talk to you after you’ve demoed a World Cup game or two. Please come back and let us know what you think. -Sukhjit

  5. Eric Ways-Ayala wrote: June 12, 2010 2:16am

    I love that Sony never half asses anything, when they decide on a new market they always jump in feet first. i’m still not sold 100% on 3D movies but as a gamer i get really excited about the idea of 3D games on my PS3, i cant wait to play Wipeout HD in 3D its gotta be mindblowing. I’m also excited to hear about Sony making a 3D Vaio, i think the combination of 3D computing and Augmented Reality could go hand in hand.


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