Limited Edition Sony Walkman® Celebrates Launch of MGS: PEACE WALKER

by Gina 05/13/2010, in Contact the Blog

Debuted in 1987 and pioneer of the stealth genre, Konami’s Metal Gear Solid is set to launch its latest installment in the legendry series titled “Peace Walker”. Scheduled for release for the PSP and PSPgo in June, it’s the first title designed by original creator Hideo Kojima for a portable gaming platform.

To celebrate the game, we’ve announced a limited edition MGS themed W series Walkman (W252). Available for pre-order on for about $60 (excl tax), it features a unique look and exclusive Metal Gear Solid content.

Distinctly styled in a green camo design, the wire-free MP3 player comes pre-loaded with an exclusive game tracks. The player is also water resistant for a tough gym workout or  intense game play. Included with the MGS Walkman is a special game code which unlocks new items. During game play you can collect Walkman models from the past, including the first-ever cassette-based Walkman debuted in ’79.

The Walkman includes all the specs you’d expect from the W series including built-in sound-isolating, 13.5mm EX headphones, a USB cable to get up to 90 minute charge in about 3 minutes, and approx 1.68 GB storage for your music files.

Um yeah. It’s ganna be an awesome game.

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