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Video Demo of the Reader Daily Edition in Wireless Mode

by Gina 01/05/2010

Since we posted our first article about the new Reader Daily Edition back in August, we’ve gotten a ton of responses on our blog. We also saw a flurry of excitement when our resident video blogger from Sony Electronics, Sukhjit, posted a first time look at the Reader Daily on YouTube. Since then, we’ve been working on getting our hands on a Reader Daily so we could give you an in-depth look at the newest edition to the Reader family including 3G wireless connectivity. This video features our resident expert Matt Shenker where he takes you through a full unboxing and powering up of the Reader Daily Edition. I find unboxing videos helpful since I get to see all the components included in the box and get a better sense of a product without having to leave my chair. Since we only had the unit for about an hour, we taped feverishly to show you as much as we could. This is really our first unboxing video at Sony Style and I’m always open to your feedback so if you’d like to see more (or less or different) videos like this, let me know and we’ll get taping.

You can see more of the Reader Daily on our website or if you’d like to get a sense of it in person, we have demo units available at your local Sony Style store. If you have any questions on the Daily, don’t hesitate to ask by posting a comment. Happy reading.

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  1. guest_user wrote: January 5, 2010 8:34pm

    Hi Gina,
    Any scoop on CES? I read somewhere that Sony will have live streaming of the CEO’s presentation in the coming days? Thanks

  2. Gina wrote: January 5, 2010 11:34pm

    Hi Guest, thanks for posting.
    I’ll be blogging from the event as well as the Sony Electronics blog so you can check back here for articles on the latest and greatest. You can also follow Sony Electronics news on Twitter via #SonyCES.
    And yep :-) regarding the live event, you’ll be able to watch the Sony Electronics Press Conference LIVE tomorrow (Wednesday), January 6th, 2010 at 4:15PST by visiting the url below.
    Hope this is helpful info! Thanks again – Gina


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