500 Faces of Fall and 4/5th of the Way Through a Great Experiment

by Team Sony 10/22/2009, in Contact the Blog

Our Sony Dads have finished another project in the Digi Dad series called “The 100 Faces of Fall.” For this project we loaned the dads each two cameras, the Alpha DSLR-A330 and Cyber-shot DSC-TX1. The goal: use both cameras to capture memories with their family and friends in late summer and early fall.

If you are looking for a camera and want to know what real people think about the DSLR-A330 and Cyber-shot DSC-TX1 then please check out these posts:

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Michael: Beyond the “100 Faces of Fall” with the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX1 & A330 DSLR Cameras

Jeff: 100 Faces of
Fall: A CyberShot In The Arm


Instead of giving you a simple round up of The 100 Faces project I thought I’d use this post to give you some  behind-the-scenes insight into how the DigiDads program is working out. This is the stuff that the dads aren’t posting on their blogs but is essential to making this program work.

First, after each project is complete we set up a conference call that includes all of the dads, the Sony Electronics social networking team and representatives from the product group that work on the products the dads just used.  We usually spend about 45 minutes hearing from the dads. It’s not a rehashing of their blog post though. They’re telling us about the out of box experience, any issues they encountered using the product or software and sometimes even suggesting how they would market the product (Max and CC you know what we’re talking about…).

The Dads– Max, CC, Brad, Michael and Jeff –are a diverse and vocal bunch. They have varying levels of technical skills and varying communities that follow their blogs.

What we’ve also discovered with this group is that they not only have created great experiences on their blogs for readers to learn about products through their eyes, but they are providing incredibly useful insight for us, the brand. If you read any of the post from this series you’ll see the Dads all have unique approaches to their stories and unique feedback on the pluses and minuses of each product we’ve loaned them to review. They all have opinions and want to make sure that we at Sony are listening to their feedback. Well, we are. And we’re listening carefully. This feedback is very helpful in future product development.

And while all of our communication with the dads has been over the phone, I had a rare chance to meet one of the dads, CC Chapman, in real life while at Blog
 last week and took the opportunity to interview him about the DigiDad Project. You’ve heard my view on the project now hear from one of the blogger Dads. 




Chris Brogan who we work with at New Marketing Labs also
posted an excellent roundup of the subject called what Content Marketing Could Look Like. Make sure to read the comments to
get a full picture of the story.



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