Sony Outlet Now On Twitter

by Gina 08/17/2009, in Contact the Blog

Okay, I’ve got a confession to make. I’m a complete bargain shopper. I am one of those ladies you scowl at in check-out lines, pulling out stacks of grocery coupons to get processed, causing your ice cream to melt while you wait.  My personal best is getting 50% off my grocery bill using all coupons. What I take comfort in is that clearly I’m not alone. We’ve gotten numerous emails from Sony Style Blog readers inquiring about our Sony Outlet. From customers watching outlet prices to suggestions on posting Outlet sales to our blog. Since then, we’ve been quietly working behind the scenes to represent your feedback and champion the idea of offering fellow price watchers something special. It’s here…

For some, Twitter helps to keep up with friends, celebrities and news. For bargain hunters like me (and the folks who’ve emailed us), it’s a great place to find exclusive deals, sales and newly arrived products. So my friends, I introduce to you our Sony Outlet page on Twitter.

Followers of our page will get inside scoops including:

· Updates on products added to the Outlet

· Notifications of outlet sale prices and specials

· Exclusive coupons only for those following us. And not just those “upgraded shipping with purchase” coupons you might come across somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, those are great and we may have some. But I’m talking “things that make following the Sony Outlet worth my time” kind of coupons. Some offer more than 30% off already reduced outlet pricing.

· Outlet specials offered at local Sony Outlet stores across the country.

We want to reward the loyal followers so we plan to have “celebration” coupons for Twitter followers who are with us when we reach special milestones.

So thanks for your emails everyone as this is an example of your feedback in action. I hope you enjoy our page and please share your thoughts so we know what to do more (or less) of.

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