CES Press Conference Rehearsal: Day One

by Team Sony 01/05/2008, in Contact the Blog

 It’s early Saturday evening and we just finished our first day of rehearsal for the Sony press conference that will take place tomorrow in our booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center on the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show.

The main issue for now is that we have a lot to announce and the rehearsal ran too long. That is part of the curse and the beauty of Sony. Unlike many of our competitors we don’t just focus on one or two primary product categories. (Definitely not a “one trick pony,” as they say.)

We have news announcements coming in cool new TV displays, new television add-on modules, a one-of-a-kind audio amusement gizmo, a DSLR camera, new high-def camcorders, HD computers and an exciting Blu-ray device.

 There are also some advances in technology to talk about related to “higher” definition and wireless video distribution in the home.

Plus our friends at Sony Ericsson have some hot new mobile devices to unveil.
And, we have important business updates from the Holidays to share, along with some impressive partnerships to address.
So right now, my team and I are busy trying to cut things down a bit to squeeze it all into a half-hour presentation. 
In addition to these posts, we will have a video of the actual press conference on the blog via Crackle.com. (Not sure we’ll make half an hour; I’ll be glad if we manage to boil it down to 40 minutes.)
I’ll be checking in with you tomorrow. 
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