Dale Jr. and Sony

by Team Sony 12/07/2007, in Contact the Blog


With the launch of Sony’s HDNA campaign, we enlisted two world class performers and consumer electronics enthusiasts, NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., to help us out with our advertising and promotion. (Hopefully, you’ve seen some of it.) But beyond anything we are paying them to do, I’m delighted that Dale accepted our invitation of take a moment with his active schedule and the holidays approaching to write a guest post for the blog. Check it out below.



I consider myself a gadget geek. Computers, TVs, stereos, speakers, headphones, video gaming systems, I have it all. I can build you a computer from the ground up. In fact, one of my hobbies is taking the shells of old laptop computers and fixing them up for friends of mine. It might not always be perfect. Hell, I might get it wrong 10 times before I get it right, but eventually I do get it right.

I guess my passion for computers started when I was a teenager. Computers were the new big thing, and I had to have one. I tried to convince my dad that computers were going to be a necessity and that we needed one, but like a typical traditionalist, he wasn’t buying it – figuratively and literally. My sister eventually loaned me the money to get my first computer, and I was hooked. Now I don’t think I could live without one. I take my laptop with me wherever I go, and as you can imagine, our travel schedule is insane. One of the best parts of my week is when I can simply get on the airplane, fire up my computer, plug in my headphones, and listen to my extensive music collection while playing Spider Solitaire. Seems cheesy, I know, but it’s about the only guaranteed time I have during a regular work week where I’m alone with just my music and my thoughts. I can sit there and do that for hours. And when I want to do other things – like write this blog for instance – I can. When I wrote this, I was on my way to New York City for the Myers Brothers luncheon. It’s part of NASCAR’s season-ending banquet festivities, and accepted the Most Popular Driver award.
This is why my partnership with Sony is so cool. I never would’ve imagined at the time I was asking my dad for my first computer that I would one day be racing cars myself and be in a position to partner with the leaders of the electronic industry. It’s a privilege to be associated with Sony, and I look forward to a long-lasting partnership.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.



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