A Big Sony Thanks

by Team Sony 11/21/2007, in Contact the Blog

With all the holiday travel and turkeys being basted, it seems fitting to take a moment at this time of the year to extend a big round of thanks.

To begin, I have so many folks within the world of Sony to thank for supporting me with the launch of this blog. This blog is a first for Sony and, while it has a lot of room to grow, we are indeed off and running. And even though our Chairman Sir Howard Stringer didn’t see me as a “mad blogger,” he was among the first to offer his support. Then our U.S. President Stan Glasgow stepped up and provided his encouragement. At this point, there was no turning back.

My team has also been terrific. One of the blog moderators, Marcy Cohen, who has been here from the start, has turned social media and this blog into a crusade within Sony. And the other moderator, Jennifer Peterson, has brought her youthful energy and open-mindedness to the process that has helped make it a whole lot of fun. I also want to thank our initial guest-bloggers, including Marcy, Mark Weir, Mark Hanson, Mike Kahn, Brennan Mullin and Dave Migdal.

I also want to give a big thanks to Josh Bernoff a leading industry analyst at Forrester who provided criticism, suggestions and encouragement very early on. In addition I have been really pleased by some of the news media reactions to the blog, including Business Week, The Boston Globe, PR Week and a variety of other journals. Plus, I’d like to thank some of my fellow bloggers out there, who have put some of my thoughts on their blogs.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you who have taken a few minutes to visit (and revisit) the blog. The numbers indicate that there have been tens (closing in on hundreds) of thousands of visitors to the site from all over the world. I especially want to thank those of you like Stan M., Clint, El Ferrari and more, who have offered your comments on the blog, giving me and my Sony colleagues a lot to think about. 

I hope this blog is helping to make Sony just a bit more human. I know that it’s got my juices flowing. Thanks again.


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